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What is the perimeter?

Scientific Events. Canonical Bases for Coulomb Branches.

  1. The perimeter is vanishing, how will you secure your network? - Help Net Security?
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Area and Perimeter

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Elevating the threshold will decrease the number of alerts, but possibly with the risk of an attack slipping through. Another option is to employ artificial intelligence AI. An AI-powered security solution can create models of what is normal activity and automatically highlight what is unusual or anomalous that could be indicative of malicious activity. Knowing that something is being passed between two devices or nodes is not enough.

Worked example 1: Measuring the perimeter of a rectangle

You also must analyze the nature of the communication. Maybe a scan is started from a compromised device to neighboring computers, suggesting malicious lateral movement. Maybe someone is sending a confidential document to another machine, which could be staging data for exfiltration. Knowing that some lateral movement is anomalous or unusual when compared to established baselines is helpful.

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This is the first step in detecting threats operating within your network. Indeed most are not. In summary, I encourage you to manage your security strategy under the assumption that the perimeter is vanishing. Securing a network now requires monitoring and analyzing lateral movement within the expanded network.

Perimeter of a Square

And this is optimally achieved with the use of AI that can streamline the initial analysis of network activity, filter out what is normal, and — with the help of malicious behaviors — focus investigation and remediation efforts on high-risk threats before a costly and damaging data breach. Subscribe to get regular updates from Help Net Security. The weekly newsletter contains a selection of the best stories, while the daily newsletter highlights all the latest headlines! What is causing the perimeter to vanish?

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  • The number of IoT devices, which are notoriously poor in terms of security and vulnerabilities, is expected to nearly triple in the next 6 years, from Gartner predicts that by , 27 percent of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security, and flow directly from mobile and portable devices to the cloud. Personal devices risk being compromised off site and then brought onsite where infections can spread.

    Mobile has surpassed desktop as the primary way to access the Internet Comscore Digital Future in Focus report.

    source According to LogicMonitor, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by The cloud requires new security tactics to address the inherently different nature of the cloud as an environment; security that is not delivered by cloud providers nor on-premises security tools. Drive-by and watering hole attacks are harder to defend against when employees are working offsite on personal devices.

    Cloud environments are relatively new and not everyone understands how to secure them. In addition, once a criminal is able to compromise a public cloud platform he can attack a large number of organizations using that platform. Criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in IoT devices then moving laterally to more valuable hosts. Best practices for securing a perimeterless network There are several techniques and technologies that will enable security teams to effectively secure their network once they come to terms with the fact that the perimeter is easily bypassed.

    The Perimeter The Perimeter
    The Perimeter The Perimeter
    The Perimeter The Perimeter
    The Perimeter The Perimeter
    The Perimeter The Perimeter

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