The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan

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Joseph Murphy Dr. Leslie Leyland Fields Dr. Jaynes E. Aron Ph. Elaine Pagels Eleanor H. Henri Klickman F. Honaker Jr. Keith Melton H. Bick Imdalind Press Inc. Carson Black J. Michael Straczynski J. Ward J. Redmerski J. Myers J. Madden J. Busch Julia Navarro Julie A. Kaplan Justin S. Holcomb K. Frank Baum L. William Countryman L. Montgomery L. Ormiston Larry D. Llewellyn Publications Lois H. England M. Stedman M. Abraham M. Mickie B. Boulay R. Griffin R. Ballantyne R. Mathewson R. Klein Richard H. Hall Richard J. Blattberg Robert Carroll Robert H.

Lustig Robert Hilburn Robert J. David Langan S. Hoffman; Matthew Doran; Lingling Wang.

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Implicit learning and the attentional blink Free. A blip in the blink: Novel distractors produce sparing at lag 2, but not lag 1 Free. Modulation of distractor processing during the attentional blink Free. Categorical effects of working memory load on the selection of pop-out categorical oddballs Free. A domain-Independent source of cognitive control for shifting attention in vision and working memory Free. Benjamin J.

The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan

Learning to reject: over repeated trials, feature-specific inhibitory biases are strengthened, whereas inter-trial feature contingencies are not learned Free. Working memory load alters response to stimuli in early visual cortex Free. Individual visual short-term memory capacity predicts the number of conjunction errors in Treisman's illusory conjunction task Free. Distinct roles for frontal and parietal cortex in visual working memory and attention Free.

Working memory and the attentional blink: fMRI investigations of the neural correlates of the working memory bottleneck Free. Psychophysics of visual memory: What does a memory look like? Sometimes change blindness is just visual amnesia Free. Neural measures of maintaining and updating object information Free. Where's Waldo? How the brain earns to categorize and discover desired objects in a cluttered scene Free. Does attentional capture guide the contents of visual short-term memory?

Working memory consolidation delays top-down attentional processing in visual Cortex: A time-resolved fMRI study Free. The mechanisms underlying priming of pop-out Free. Retrieval deficits in short term memory STM for temporally adjacent items: An un-attentional Mnemonic blink? Cross-hemifield attention benefits for visual short-term memory Free. Eye movements during visual search under memory load Free. Working memory guidance of attention depends on memory's relevance for search Free.

Impact of global vs. The effects of learning on visual search and change detection Free. The attentional boost effect Free. A shared sensorimotor map for visual memory, counting and trans-saccadic perception Free. Working memory influence on perceptual processing Free. What's in a cue? Can the value of irrelevant cues influence visual orienting? Visual marking: The effect of emotional change on time-based visual selection Free. Linguistic control of visual attention: Differential access and focus or just confusion? Positive and anxious mood influences on selective visual attention Free.

Consequences of visual selective attention for evaluations of affectively positive and negative stimuli Free. Top-down modulation of reflexive social orienting Free. Spatial relationships as a visual routine: Evidence from linguistic influences on perceptual judgment Free. Attention prioritization as a mechanism underlying context-guided learning in visual search Free. Attending to a feature results in neighboring within-feature suppression Free. The influence of target discriminability on the time course of attentional selection Free.

Spatially cued visual attention for precise discriminations may narrow the template as well as excluding external noise: An elaborated perceptual template model Free. Modulation of auditory and visual motion aftereffects by selective attention to opposite-moving spectral components: Psychophysics and computational models Free. Investigating the link between visual attention and emotion: A TVA-based computational approach Free.

Modelling of attentional dwell time Free. Visual routines for sketches: A computational model Free. Gist based top-down templates for gaze prediction Free. The effect of experience on visual capture in a virtual environment Free. What the Searchlight saw: Revealing the extent of natural image information that passes through bottom-up visual attention mechanisms to higher visual processing Free.

Enumerating visual items within and across hemifields Free. Vision and audition do not share attentional resources in sustained tasks Free. Between-object superiority in divided attention Free. More wheels makes attention pin slower Free. The effects of fixation and passive attention on the object recognition Free. Dividing attention between two simultaneous visual tasks: The Magnocellular system Free.

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Detecting the presence of a singleton does not require focal attention Free. Reporting two simultaneous targets: Competition, bias, and temporal displacement Free. Bilateral attentional advantage in Gabor detection Free. Localized attentional interference reflects competition for reentrant processing Free.

Kelly S. Steelman-Allen; Jason S. McCarley; Jeffrey R. Capturing attention without perceptual awareness Free. Attention and biased competition in multi-voxel object representations Free. Competition for limited capacity: Towards a saliency theory of distractor processing Free. Spatial attention reduces contrast adaptation Free. Psychophysical evidence for the normalization model of attention Free.

Attention improves response reliability by decreasing noise: Reduction in the amplitude of fluctuations of fMRI signal at non-stimulus frequencies using periodic retinotopic mapping stimu Attention to the location of an invisible face can induce adaptation Free. Attentional color hierarchy for pursuit target selection Free. Attention to hierarchical level influences attentional selection of spatial scale Free. Spatial attention in conscious and nonconscious visual processing Free. Bruno G. Breitmeyer; Evelina Tapia; Elizabeth C.

Exploring the causes of object effects on location-based inhibition of return when using spatial frequency specific cues and targets Free. Benjamin A. Guenther; Shruti Narang; Aisha P. Siddiqui; James M. Attentional filtering modulates the induced Roelofs effect, but shifts of attention do not cause it Free.

Diluting the burden of load: Perceptual load effects are simply dilution effects Free. Quantifying attention: Attention filtering in centroid estimations Free. Beware the watcher: The effects of direct gaze on attention to human faces Free. The time-course of covert cuing using spatial frequency targets Free. Aisha P. Siddiqui; Shruti Narang; Benjamin A. Guenther; James M.

Non-retinotopic feature integration is pre-attentive Free. Thomas U. The size of the cued area does not affect scaling of attentional focus on temporal order judgment task Free. Early and late modulation of attentional selection by multiple attentional control sets: ERP evidence Free.

Cooccurrence binding errors: Are people bound to the chairs they are sitting on? Ekaterina Pechenkova; Mary C. Potter; Brad Wyble; Jennifer Olejarczyk. Attention processes in action video game players Free. Matthew S. Cain; Ayelet N. Landau; William Prinzmetal; Lynn C. Robertson; Arthur P. Spatiotemporal dynamics of attentional updating across saccades Free. Distinguishing between parallel and serial accounts of multiple object tracking Free. Why don't people look at targets during multiple object tracking? Tracking invisible objects across viewpoint changes: The role of scene information Free.

Self-motion influences multiple-object tracking in a virtual environment Free. Shape influences target recovery after a blank in multiple object tracking Free. Surface features facilitate target recovery after a momentary disappearance during multiple object tracking Free. Tracking objects with moving textures Free. Multiple object tracking through temporal gaps created by the fading of objects Free. Do multiple object tracking and letter identification use the same visual attention resource? Altering the number of targets during multiple-object tracking Free.

Eye-blinks and tracking Free. Extrapolation vs. Samantha Ellner; Jonathan I. Flombaum; Brian J. Attentional prioritizations based on spatial probabilities can be maintained on multiple simultaneously moving objects Free. Contour interpolation automatically directs attention in multiple object tracking Free. Brian P.

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Keane; Everett Mettler; Philip J. Speed of vision depends on temporal expectancy Free. Binding into sequence: Temporal dynamics of sequential movements modulate the attentional pre-selection of subsequent goals Free. Distractors in multiple object tracking can be suppressed early or late in processing: Evidence from ERPs Free.

Mary C. Potter; Jennifer Olejarczyk; Brad Wyble. Attentional updating across saccades in retinotopic visual cortex Free. Transfer of perceptual learning between local and global random-dot stereograms Free. Early stages of figure-ground segregation: ERP components associated with face-vase perception Free. Visual awareness correlates with layer-specific activity in primary visual cortex Free.

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Spatial stereoresolution Free. Do the same lateral interactions support collinear facilitation and binocular summation? The effect of binocular disparity on the detection of curved trajectories Free.

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The effects of surface shape on sensitivity to disparity-defined stimuli corrupted by binocular decorrelation Free. Coarse and fine disparity sensitivity in human visual cortex Free. A simultaneous depth and rivalry paradigm imaged with fMRI Free. Electrophysiological correlates of motion-induced blindness Free.

The coarse vs. High-resolution imaging of the human thalamus and superior colliculus during binocular rivalry Free. Local binocular depth contrast effects on surface edges Free. Perceptual memory influences both continuous and intermittent ambiguous perception, but in opposite ways Free. Binocular combination in amblyopic vision Free. Amodal spatial facilitation resolves local ambiguities of kinetic depth Free. Oculomotor endurance therapy for convergence insufficiency increases duration of near task performance Free.

Identifying discontinuities in depth: A role for monocular occlusions Free. Stereopsis and aging Free. Cory L. Burton; Ashley N. Bartholomew; Charles E. Crabtree; Amy E. Craft; J. Farley Norman. Neural modulations during perceptual bi-stability away from equi-dominance are common to two different ambiguous displays Free. Size of vertical disparity pooling and the induced effect Free.

Effects of inter-ocular contrast difference and decorrelation noise on disparity discrimination Free. Ross Goutcher; Lisa M. O'Kane; Paul B. A display with multiple focal planes can stimulate continuous variations in accommodation Free. Ability to use stereo predicts recruitment of a correlated artificial cue Free. Comparison of local and global stereopsis in children with microstrabismus Free. Differential effects of suppressed visual motion information on perception and action during binocular rivalry flash suppression Free.

Perceptual asymmetry in stereo-transparency: The role of disparity interpolation Free. Laurie M. Wilcox; Inna Tsirlin; Robert S. Numbers with higher magnitude have higher perceptual strength during binocular rivalry Free. Are stereoscopic cues ignored in telestereoscopic viewing? Motion-induced blindness and microsaccades: Cause or effect? Training improves orientation-in-noise thresholds in an animal model of amblyopia Free.

Binocular rivalry favors naturalistic stimuli in space and time Free. Saliency in a perceptually suppressed image determines the spatial origin of a perceptual alternation during binocular rivalry Free. Non-local effects of perceptual memory in ambiguous figure perception Free. Fear processing during binocular suppression Free. Effects of mask-to-target energy ratio on cyclopean metacontrast masking Free. Binocular combination in anisometropic amblyopia Free.

Interaction between crowding and binocular rivalry Free. Task demands can affect binocular rivalry dynamics Free. Genetic contribution to the rate of switching in bistable perception Free. Rivalry in tri-stable stimuli: Dominance durations predict the upcoming perceptual state Free. Does color misbind to achromatic regions or chromatically similar regions?

Binocular rivalry between a sharp image and a low-pass filtered version of itself: Low-pass dominance increases with eccentricity Free. Dissociation between figure and ground during binocular rivalry Free. On boundary contour and center-surround factors in binocular rivalry Free. Sandra E. Chakravarty; Kathy T. The locus of neural responses that determine color shifts induced by temporally-varying light Free. Explaining the new with the old: Spreading colors, afterimages, and boundaries Free.

Cortical recovery following gene therapy in a canine model of achromatopsia Free. Guy Gingras; Andras M.


Komaromy; Ben Tseng; John J. Alexander; Vince V. Chiodo; William W. Hauswirth; Gregory M. Acland; Gustavo D. Aguirre; David H. Brainard; Geoffrey K. Contrast adaptation reveals higher-order color processing in the visual evoked potential Free. Assessing functional consequences of adaptation by adapting images rather than observers Free. Clustering of macaque V1 neurons by luminosity function Free. Isotropic orientation tuning for masking in human color vision Free. What kinds of contours limit filling-in of color? Feature misbinding of colour and motion: The role of object shape Free.

Individual differences in the Abney Effect Free. Sean F. O'Neil; Kyle C. Werner; Michael A. Crognale; Michael A. Representation of color naming category boundaries on dichromats along their confusion loci using a chromatic-opponent channel model Free. Preferred greyscale versions of coloured images: Human vs machine Free.

The situated laptop: A tangible interface for computer-based studies of surface appearance Free. How color might look to others - adapting images to simulate color appearance across different environments Free. Effect of chromatic surround variance on color appearance in a real environment Free. Color constancy in 4- to 5- month old infants Free. Yamaguchi; Ichiro Kuriki. Color appearance and compensation in the near periphery Free. Reversing the watercolor effect Free. Surface discrimination of natural objects: When is a blue kiwi off-colour?

Categorical color constancy for rendered and real surfaces Free. Preference for three-color combinations in varying proportions Free. Rosa M. Poggesi; Karen B. Schloss; Stephen E. Memory colours of polychromatic objects Free. Preference for color-pairs within finely sampled color space Free. Matthew Barker-Benfield; Karen B. Working memory predicts individual differences in color constancy Free.

Cross-cultural differences in color preference: Japan vs. Categorization of surface colors during natural twilight: A field study Free. Simultaneous color contrast pulls out the color common to the background and test patch or bleaches the test patch if there is no common color Free. The relationship between color and form in judgments of preference and harmony Free. Gary Hackett; Karen B. Color difference scaling at the blue-green color category boundary as a test of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Free.

Transitions from negative to switch color afterimages Free. The role of spatial composition in preference for color pairs Free. Christine E. Nothelfer; Karen B. Lightness constancy and illumination contrast discounting Free. An ideal observer model predicts lightness matches Free. A high resolution, high dynamic range display for vision research Free.

The effects of contrast on the achromatic watercolor illusion Free. Color provides leverage to assess theories of lightness Free. Inferring characteristics of stimulus encoding mechanisms using rippled noise stimuli Free. Invisible context modulates conscious perception Free. Illusory brightness priming occurs without awareness Free. Simultaneous contrast is size dependent but does not scale with eccentricity Free. Perception of the highest luminance under extremely low illumination levels Free. Long-range argyles and spatial-scale models of brightness Free.

Illusory contours in a White's display Free. Yellow papers under blue light vs. Shadows control microsaccades and drift Free. An ecological valence theory of human color preferences Free. Surface material properties and color constancy of 3D objects Free. Grouping by illumination level: Surroundedness can substitute for adjacency in the coplanar depth effect Free.

An edge-based account of lightness compression and insulation in the staircase Gelb effect Free. The significance of Whittle's experiments on luminance discrimination and brightness scaling for the multiplicative-versus-additive contrast-noise question Free. Producing non-Hering Hue combinations using complementary chromatic induction Free.

Decoding and reconstructing color from responses in human visual cortex Free. Visual search for colors as a test of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis Free. Both monocular and binocular mechanisms underlie perceived temporal modulation of color Free. Following the masters: Viewer gaze is directed by relative detail in painted portraits Free. Emotion affects oculomotor action Free. Objective characterization of square-wave jerks differentiates progressive supranuclear palsy patients from healthy volunteers Free. Jorge Otero-Millan; R. Macknik; Susana Martinez-Conde. The effects of a distractor on the visual gaze behavior of children at signalized road crossings Free.

Screening attentional-related diseases based on correlation between salience and gaze Free. Simulated low vision with young and old adults: How do they see? Conscious perception of intrasaccadic displacements is deficient in a patient with a focal thalamic lesion Free. Gaze orienting, and novelty vs. Cultural diversity in eye movements extends across biological and artificial visual categories Free. David J. Kelly; Sebastien Miellet; Roberto Caldara. Social experience does not abolish cultural diversity in eye movements for faces Free.

Emanuele De Luca; David J. The different effects of a visual target in the blind hemifield of hemidecorticate patients on the latency of antisaccades Free. An oculomotor Simon effect Free. The power of eyes: The eye region is explored even when there are no eyes in faces Free. Looking away from faces: Influence of high level visual processes on saccade programming Free.

Stephanie M. Simulation of human eyes in three dimensions Free. Tracking the visual attention of novice and experienced drivers Free. I like what I see: Using eye-movement statistics to detect image preference Free. Differential effects of partial foreknowledge on efficiency and switch costs of saccadic eye movements Free.

Cognitive expectation and repetitive priming contribute to probabilistic encoding in frontal cortex Free. The role of visual saliency and subjective-value in rapid decision making Free. What eye-movements tell us about online learning of the structure of scenes Free. The influence of prior experience and task-demands on visual search for a pop-out target Free.

Task-driven saliency using natural statistics SUN Free. Stability of eccentric attention Free. Short-latency torsional ocular following in humans Free. Eye movements when viewing natural scenes with normal vision and simulated scotomas Free. Color signals in the primate superior colliculus Free. Eye movements and visuospatial perceptual extrapolations compete for common resources Free. Effects of saccadic adaptation on visual localisation Free. Covert orienting reflex: Involuntary pupil response predicts microsaccade production Free.

Matthew Schneps; L. Relationship between eye movement and filling-in time Free. Functional MRI analysis of cortical activation during saccadic adaptation Free. Mark W. Greenlee; Steven Blurton; Markus Raabe. Sensitivity to chromatic contrast at the time of saccades Free. Concetta Morrone. Saccadic plasticity in visual search Free. Stefan Van der Stigchel; Tanja C.

Nijboer; Douwe D. Bergsma; Mathias Abegg; Jason J. The main sequence of human optokinetic nystagmus Free. Monkey and human performance in a chronostasis task suitable for neurophysiology Free. Error in localising a target that is flashed near the time of an isolated saccade is not identical to the error found near the time of the last of a sequence of saccades Free. Perception of a stable visual scene during fixational instability Free. Smooth-pursuit eye-movements suppress motion processing Free. Stereo-depth with dichoptic perisaccadic spatial distortions illustrate a head-centric disparity mechanism Free.

Static and dynamic visual acuities of athletes Free. Coordinate system of visual motion signals driving pursuit initiation Free. Look at the choices: An examination of looking behaviours in a multiple choice test Free. The role of visual working memory in establishing object correspondence across saccades Free. Allocentric spatial information improves saccadic accuracy under task conditions that load spatial memory or limit saccade preparation time Free.

Monitoring CCTV and watching football: expert-novice differences in the magnitude of a visuo-motor buffer Free. Shrinking the oculomotor world using global saccadic adaptation Free. Effects of semantic and syntactic object-scene inconsistencies on the allocation of attention during naturalistic scene viewing Free. Two views of the world: Active vision, attention, and perception and action loops in real-world interaction Free. Inhibition of saccadic return is sensitive to the probabilistic structure of the environment Free. Where to look? Dissociating the effect of reward, salience and attention Free.

Travel gaze? Re-examining gaze behavior during locomotion Free. Persistent abnormalities in the control of eye movements following a sport-related concussion Free. Psychophysical observation of head tilt vestibulo-ocular reflex Free. Auditory deprivation during infancy affects the control of pursuit eye movements Free. Smooth pursuit eye movements and the segregation of coherent motion Free. Alexander C. Braun; Karl R. Fixational eye movements during quiet standing Free.

Intercepting moving targets: Estimating motion integration and saccadic dead time Free. Etchells; C. Benton; C. Ludwig; I. Differences in active versus passive short-term memory acquisition for smooth pursuit eye movements revealed by event-related fMRI Free. Fixational eye movements in a high-acuity visual task Free. Fixational eye movements and the autokinetic illusion Free. Smooth pursuit and cognition share attentional resources Free. Saccade planning is dissociated from pre-saccadic attentional facilitation after damage to the posterior parietal cortex Free.

Testing processing mode within single visual fixations: Saccadic modulation of the distractor effect Free. Predictive eye movements in gaze and action observation Free. The control of fixation duration: Time-course of the response to stepwise changes in processing difficulty Free.

Saccadic eye movements to Gaussian luminance and color blobs Free. Cristiano Cellini; Alexander C. Adaptive distribution of gaze in the real world Free. Stimulus exposure and gaze bias in visual decision tasks Free. The role of context and feature information in fixation search Free. Remembering the old, preferring the new: Memory for old and new items in repeated visual search Free. Does saccadic space compression mean size shrinking?

Suboptimal selection of initial saccade in a visual search task Free. Trial history biases the spatial programming of antisaccades Free. Gaze behaviour in the natural environment: Eye movements in video versus the real world Free. Saccades and microsaccades during visual fixation, exploration, and search: Foundations for a common saccadic generator Free.

The influence of a visuomotor set on express saccades: Coordinate frames and contingency Free. Saccades are planned using spatial memory information as well as current retinal position Free. The face aftereffect spreads over changes in position, orientation and size in retinotopic, not space- or object-based coordinates Free. Solving the upside-down puzzle: Inverted face aftereffects derive from shape-generic rather than face-specific mechanisms Free.

Where is kinship information in the child's face? Signal detection study finds no evidence for lateralization Free. Emotional anti-faces reveal contrastive coding of facial expressions Free. Cross-category adaptation of faces Free. A contrast-based adaptation study of the contribution of gender to face representations Free. Neural basis of contextual modulation on categorical face perception Free. Interaction between electrical stimulation of face-selective area and perception of face stimuli Free.

Dissociating between the role of exposure and individuation in perceptual expertise for faces Free. Talk to the hand: The visual word form area responds to bodies and faces Free. It's all in your head: Why is the body inversion effect abolished for headless bodies? Adaptation in FFA: Face or person? Attending to face-pair similarity decreases face adaptation in the fusiform area Free.

The right FFA is sensitive to subtle physical changes between personally familiar faces Free. Electrophysiological evidence for biased competition in V1 favoring motivationally significant stimuli Free. Greg L. West; Adam A. Reverse correlation between the N and fractal noise yields human faces: A time-frequency spectrum analysis Free. Kevin S. Decoding distinct modes of face categorization in the cortical face network Free.

What is between face detection and face recognition? Same- and cross-modal perceptual effects on gender and identity adaptation Free. On the neural mechanism of fear recognition Free. Selective contrast enhancement at category boundaries in the superior temporal sulcus Free. Face discrimination in infants and adults: The role of contrast polarity of the eyes Free. The role of experience during childhood in shaping the other-race effect Free. Support for an exogenous account of left visual field biases in infants Free. Using innate visual biases to guide face learning in natural scenes: A computational investigation Free.

Perceptual reversal patterns in individuals with Asperger Syndrome Free. Probing the face-space of individuals with prosopagnosia Free. Holistic processing of diagnostic 3D face shape as compared to 2D surface reflectance: evidence from face inversion and acquired prosopagnosia Free. Sensitivity to posed versus genuine expressions: Are children easily fooled?

Disconnection of cortical face network in prosopagnosia revealed by diffusion tensor imaging Free. Linda J. Lanyon; Michael Scheel; Christopher J. Fox; Giuseppe Iaria; Jason J. Do infants recognize the Arcimboldo images as faces? Behavioral and near-infrared spectroscopic study Free.

Yamaguchi; Ryusuke Kakigi. Deficits in face and object processing manifest differently in normal aging and developmental prosopagnosia Free. Structural differences in developmental prosopagnosia Free. Effects of face inversion and noise in persons with schizophrenia Free. Justine Spencer; Jelena P.

King; Patrick J. Bennett; Allison B.

The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan
The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three:  The Fate of Raja-Sharan The Boy with Golden Eyes - Book Three: The Fate of Raja-Sharan

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