Suburban Peepshow - a one act play

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BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama - Series

After Zahra tells Jez that she has split from Ben, Jez accepts her offer to move in with her. Mark needs to salvage his relationship with Dobby, and asks her to move in with him, to which she agrees.

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Zahra rejects Jez after she learns he has been flirting with Super Hans's girlfriend, dumping him. Series 8 begins with Mark waiting for Dobby to move in, while Dobby waits for Jez to move out. Mark suspects that Dobby will never move in, and that Gerard is trying to steal her from him; however, Gerard dies of flu.

Jez and Super Hans amicably end their band, and this causes Jez to contemplate his life so far: he eventually agrees to undertake therapy sessions, which are paid for by Mark. Impressed by the therapy, Jez decides to become a life coach, but he fails a course of questionable value. Mark then gives Jez a fake life coach certificate and he begins "coaching" anyone who will let him, causing emotional and personal harm.

Mark writes a book, which is published by an incompetent vanity publisher. Mark, Dobby, Jez and Hans go paintballing. Mark gets a job at the bathroom supplies company where Hans works, but is soon sacked. He also starts an evening course to gain an MBA.

The 11th Hour Anthology: Vol. 1

Jez falls in love with Dobby and declares his feelings, as does Mark. Series 9 opens with Mark and Jez meeting for the first time since their fight over Dobby, with Mark still bearing a grudge over the role Jez played in his break-up with her. Jez is living in Super Hans's bathroom, while Mark has a new flatmate. After reconciling, Jez moves back in with Mark and they go back to their old ways. Jez begins a relationship with a younger man, Joe, and also has sex with Joe's girlfriend Megan. Mark seeks out April Catherine Shepherd —previously seen only in a single episode in series 2 , whom he always thought to be his perfect woman, despite her now being married.

Dobby has moved to New York and has a new boyfriend. He beats up Mark when he discovers Mark had been tracking Dobby's movements. Hans marries Molly in Norfolk. Sophie turns up at the flat depressed and appears to have a drink problem. She is in a relationship with a man whom she thinks is having an affair.

She offers Mark a chance to give their relationship another go, which he initially accepts, but Mark decides to try and break up April's marriage and start a new life with her. In the final episode, all the duo's past lies and selfish decisions catch up with them. Mark loses his job at a bank because of a loan he gave Jez ironically, to exploit him previously without asking for correct identification paperwork, and he is replaced by his rival Jeff.

Joe leaves Jez after his lies about him being popular and young are caught out, and he claims he is tired of partying all the time.

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  5. Super Hans's wife is upset because he is unwilling to stop his old disreputable lifestyle, and after kidnapping and threatening April's husband, she finally leaves him. Super Hans ends up leaving for Macedonia to open a moped hire business and leaves Mark and Jez right back where they always end up due to their bad choices, with Mark losing his newest relationship and job, while Jez remains a loser who is stuck in a rut with no prospects.

    It ends with the two watching TV together, asking and answering idiotic questions, with Jez thinking to himself how they both "love each other really" and Mark reminding himself that he "simply must get rid of him". They had an old, unproduced script that they wanted to revive called All Day Breakfast and brought in Mitchell and Webb to help out. The show did not work out but the four developed as a partnership, [12] and one idea eventually evolved into Peep Show for Channel 4. However, the idea was dropped due to the large expense that airing clips from other shows would bring as well as Mitchell and Webb's fear that, because their characters would only be watching television, "[they] wouldn't be in the show".

    Instead Armstrong and Bain opted to produce a more story-based sitcom with an unconventional filming style. The events of the two main characters' lives are seen almost exclusively from their own points of view with a voice-over providing their internal thoughts. We thought it would be great for comedy, hearing someone else's thoughts. The voices give you a whole other dimension in terms of jokes. Two pilots were filmed for the show which allowed Armstrong and Bain to firmly develop and finalise the style of the show. Armstrong said: "on the run of doing those two pilots we really created the show in the way that you couldn't if you hadn't tried it out.

    The POV technique was also restricted solely to the character thinking at the time; it was later expanded so that the view could come from a third party. Rehearsals take two weeks and filming lasts for six to seven weeks. For the first two series the scenes set in Mark and Jeremy's flat were filmed in a real property in Croydon, where the show takes place.

    The flat's owners did not allow it to be used for series 3 and so a replica was constructed in a carpet warehouse in Neasden.

    How to Write a One-Act Play

    Spike TV commissioned its own version in , originally to be written and directed by Robert Weide , who is the executive producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm. A book entitled Peep Show: The Scripts and More , which featured the scripts of every episode from the first five series as well as an introduction from Mitchell and Webb, was released in The series was met with critical acclaim, [26] and is considered to be a cult television show.

    The Guardian newspaper described it as "the best comedy of the decade". Despite the critical acclaim, Peep Show never garnered consistently high viewing figures. Channel 4's decision to commission the show for a fifth series was said to be for a variety of reasons, including again the high DVD sales of the previous series , to date , [43] the continued high quality of the show itself, [44] and the rising profile of Mitchell and Webb due to the success of their BBC sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look , their advertisements for Apple , and their feature film Magicians.

    The first episode of series 6 — the first to be shown in its new earlier time slot of 10pm — attracted Peep Show's highest ratings to date, with 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the British sitcom. For other uses, see Peep Show disambiguation. British sitcom television series.

    Sitcom Farce Black comedy [1] [2] Cringe comedy [3] [4]. Robert Webb add. Jeremy Wooding s. Andrew O'Connor s. Phil Clarke s. Single camera Head-mounted camera. PAL i s. Main article: List of Peep Show episodes. This section is too long. Consider splitting it into new pages, adding subheadings , or condensing it.

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    7. September Main article: List of Peep Show characters. Radio Times. Retrieved 22 October The Film Autopsy. BBC News. Retrieved 27 August Channel 4. Retrieved 5 June The Independent , 9 April They went on dates. They fell in love. I date the current phase of my life from that party. The problem was that she was too polite. Just have a cuddle. I barely know the rules of poker.

      Odd couple or not, they share a distaste for publicity. In fact, they were on opposite sides of the pavement just to avoid making the news. And that he can fall in love. At last. Living in a for-change world made me cross.

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      In her new poetry collection, The Possible Past, Aislinn Hunter pushes her poems against both this limitation and this freedom. Hunter usually spans her images over several lines, which allows The Possible Past to linger in the mind as a subtle network of images and emotions. There are enough solid, and sometimes difficult, details to keep the work grounded; there is enough hunger for infinity to keep the mind hunting for nourishment from a constantly elusive past. Under Hunter's skillful hand, tough and fragile moments from many centuries hit our psyches as if each event were freshly imprinting itself in that now.

      Reviews of Sta y. In it, she tackles the theme of time and all its implications — ever-changing and moving, elastic and stiff. She plunges us through history to the present and back again with ease. Although this is her first novel, last year Hunter published a book of short fiction and a book of poetry, both of which were nominated for several awards, the poetry book winning the Gerald Lampert Award in Hunter, a Vancouverite who has lived in Ireland, has been lavishly praised for her short stories and poems, but what really distinguished her is her fearlessness.

      Suburban Peepshow - a one act play
      Suburban Peepshow - a one act play
      Suburban Peepshow - a one act play
      Suburban Peepshow - a one act play
      Suburban Peepshow - a one act play

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