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James W. Gargano, in what many Poe critics regard as the premier essay on "The Black Cat," may have been the first commentator to offer a cogently and logically convincing explanation to show that what the narrator "assigns" to the "spirit of perverseness" and the "Fiend Intemperance" Poe may, in fact, "be reduced to ordinary psychological and moral laws" "Perverseness" Viewing the narrator as a case study with an abnormal personality, Gargano perceives what he calls the narrator's "sentimental excesses, his extreme happiness in feeding and caressing his pets," as an indication of "an unhealthy overdevelopment of the voluptuary side of his nature" "Perverseness" And Poe's narrator does substitute this manner of behavior for normal relationships with human beings.

Many of the subsequent critical views of "The Black Cat" have attempted to explain the narrator's bizarre behavior, especially his murder of his wife, within a psychological or psychoanalytical framework. While details of Poe's life offer some fertile ground for examining probable autobiographical sources for "The Black Cat," we will heed the warning of James W. Gargano, who has cautiously advised the tale's readers to avoid the biographical pitfall of seeing Poe and the first-person narrator of "The Black Cat" as "identical literary twins" "The Question" Before proceeding to the narratological dynamics of "The Black Cat," I would like to give a brief overview, describing some of Genette's concepts that will form the basis for my examination of the narratology as it relates to the psychobiography of the narrator of Poe's tale.

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Eddings, Dennis. Farrant, Timothy, and Alexandra Urakova. Flores, Cristina. Fugate, Courtney.

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Poes Uncanny House Cat Poes Uncanny House Cat
Poes Uncanny House Cat Poes Uncanny House Cat
Poes Uncanny House Cat Poes Uncanny House Cat
Poes Uncanny House Cat Poes Uncanny House Cat
Poes Uncanny House Cat Poes Uncanny House Cat

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