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After showing how some dinosaurs evolved into flying birds, Attenborough spends the rest of the episode on those that have returned to the ground. He meets extinct terror birds, kiwis bumbling along a New Zealand beach in search of sandhoppers, and one of the 80 remaining takahes a kind of blue coot. Attenborough count: 9, including watching red-tailed hawks going after bats; flipping through plates of fossilized rock until he sees a bird feather; shining a torch onto a foraging kiwi; and going in search for the endearing but endangered kakapo—a large, flightless, bumbling, green parrot.

Highlights: The pathos of a male kakapo, booming away in the New Zealand hills to a vanishing number of females.

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Surprise, surprise: leafcutter ants! But also: mangrove ants evacuating their grubs from a flooded nest, harvester ants trolling neighboring colonies by sealing them in at night, and bumblebees being all but bumbling when they turn on their own queens. Attenborough count: 8, including putting on a bee-suit and climbing up a tree to watch giant bees that, he says, can sting through a bee-suit; and antagonizing wood ants into spraying formic acid. First, giant bees that do Mexican waves to ward off intruders, including parasitic wasps and stick-wielding Attenboroughs.

Second, Matabele ants brutally raid a termite nest. Boobies and kingfishers missile into the ocean, the shoebill lunges at lungfish with its murderous beak, and the black heron draws fish to within striking distance by encircling its head with its wings and creating an attractive patch of shade. Attenborough count: 6, a long panning shot of a flying mallard that somehow lands next to Attenborough in a boat; swimming with little penguins in a masked booby T-shirt Attenborough-in-a-T-shirt klaxon!

Highlight: On Queen Charlotte Island, the chicks of ancient murrelets hatch within inland tree hollows. Responding to the adults calling from the sea, they careen towards the water, past one elated David Attenborough. Plants make for surprisingly challenging meals for mammals. Sloths cope with the lack of nutrients in leaves by living in the slow lane.

Tapirs cope with poisons by licking detoxifying clay. African mammals deal with out-of-reach leaves by ignoring them and browsing low dik-diks , swiveling their hips to stand en pointe gerenuks , being really tall giraffes , and straight-up bulldozing the tree to the ground elephant. Highlights: Attenborough offers flowers to a pika, a rabbit-relative that looks like a hamster.

It stacks plants in a larder for the winter, and places the more poisonous ones at the bottom because their toxins preserve them for longer. As it bounds over rocks, Attenborough turns to the camera and beams. Despite its wounds, it still struggles up a mountain towards its nest, but then flops onto its red-stained belly before the camera cuts away ambiguously.

Still, the episode is spectacular, with shots of lichens growing in time-lapse, swarms of photosynthesizing jellyfish, and plants that recruit defensive ants by offering them mansions and snack stations. Highlight: An unforgettable time-lapse shot shows parasitic dodder vines writhing over nettles like a swarm of serpents. These are the shots that make The Private Life of Plants one of his greatest and most underestimated series. They show plants as organisms of motion, drama, and agency. Memorably, he watches a CG blue whale form around him, before seeing a real one surface next to him.

He says its heart is the same size as a small car, but the CG model suggests that someone really needs to buy David Attenborough a bigger car. He says its main artery is so big a person could swim down it. So this episode goes to the gentle manatees. Winter is coming. Adelie penguins lead their chicks over broken ice, a dead penguin is consumed by giant isopods and meter-long nemertean worms, and giant petrels advance menacingly at each other.

They are terrifying —like airborne velociraptors. Attenborough count : 4, including walking along among the now refrozen continent, where most of the animals are gone—except the emperor penguin, which Attenborough sidles up to. Highlight : A huge shadow bursts out of the water as a leopard seal tosses a penguin it into the air, before playing a game of cat-and-mouse with it for 20 minutes, and then thrashing it on the surface of the ocean to flay it.

Barracudas, pelicans, and gulls pinion hapless fish between them. Frigatebirds pilfer fish from tropicbirds in mid-air. And honey ants store their food inside their workers, whose abdomens expand into living, golden pots. Highlight: A heist episode! The tiny spider Argyrodes steals food right from the web of the comparably gigantic Nephila, by cutting the ensnaring silk and lowering the goods to safety. On his tour of the monkey world, Attenborough explains why the guenons of Africa have such colorful and diverse faces, watches a finger-sized pygmy marmoset as it gnaws at bark and eats the gum that oozes out, and reveals the intricate social lives of a troop of Sri Lankan macaques.

Attenborough count: 9, including watching capuchins crack nuts and self-medicate with the right leaves; demonstrating monkey alarm calls by dragging an amusing stuffed leopard on wheels; watching baboons take down flamingos; and using balls of plasticine to demonstrate the link between group size and brain size. Highlight: A huge troop of geladas grazes in the Ethiopian highlands. They look like a cross between baboons and Animal from the Muppets, and they sound like a group of muttering old men.

Jesse's regiment, it appears, was not heavily engaged at Bristoe Station, for only one man was wounded in this fight, though the Confederates lost an aggregate of 1, men. Lee thus decided to resupply his army and to rest his weary, footsore veterans. Then on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, , General Meade, the Federal commander, decided it was time to take the action to the Confederates.

He planned a flanking attack across the Rapidan to strike at the Rebels who were strung out along a 30 mile line south of the Rapidan. But Lee was alerted to the Yankee's activities and shifted his force to meet the advancing Federals. Jesse, with the 53rd N.

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The opposing forces met on November A severe battle ensued which stymied the Confederates and punished and halted the Federals who were delayed in pursuing the advance, and for two days probed and entrenched for advantage. By now the weather had turned wet, and so bitterly cold that water froze in men's canteens, and those on picket duty had to be relieved every half hour in order to keep them from freezing. One Federal recalled that "though our drooping eyelids called pitifully for sleep, each soldier knew that to sleep uncovered in that bitter air would be the sleep of death".

Jesse returned to his old camp at Morton's Ford on the Rapidan and went into winter quarters. Thus ended all infantry operations between the opposing armies for the year , and the beginning of a much needed five-month rest period. All was quiet in the camps along the Rapidan. Lee returned from Richmond to spend Christmas with his army, men who were far from home as the usually gay holiday drew near. In the Confederate camps shortages were acute, General Lee spent the early months of petitioning Richmond for food, for shoes, and for warm clothes for his troops.

In one dispatch he deplored "the wretched condition of the men, thousands of whom are barefooted, a great number partially shod, and nearly all without overcoats, blankets, or warm clothing". Such shortages, Lee advised, "are having a bad effect upon the men, both morally and Physically". This was a highly unpopular move by the South and was vigorously opposed in places, especially in North Carolina. There were desertions by Wilkes County men from the ranks of the Confederacy. Letters of those from the county contain comments and ask questions of home folks concerning the desertions.

In one of his letters home, General James B. Gordon, the highest ranking Confederate officer from Wilkes, questioned the accuracy of the high rate of desertions, but facts do not bear him out. There are authenticated instances of deserters from Wilkes County being executed. On February 22, , he spoke at Wilkesboro, a mountain village where desertions and resistance to the Confederate Cause had run extremely high".

In the north General U. Grant had become the Union's preeminent warrior. And so on May 4, , the Wilderness Campaign began. Grant had intended to march through the heavy forest of the Wilderness so as to gain open territory for battle, but was forced to stop just on the edge of the Wilderness and wait for his supply train to catch up. Lee who had anticipated Grant's move brought his up quickly so as to catch the Federals in the Wilderness.

The Confederate forces were carefully positioned, with Junius Daniel's brigade and Jesse's 53rd, south of the Orange Turnpike. There was some fighting on the 4th but neither army was quite sure of the other's position. By moving up heavy reinforcements on May 5 Lee forced Grant to fight in the Wilderness, to the Southerner's advantage for this was familiar territory to them.

Not knowing the true composition of the Rebel forces Grant ordered an attack. The two armies quickly joined in a fierce battle. Because of the terrain and vegetation the fighting became a confused and uncertain contest. Soon the woods were on fire, and spread quickly in dry bramble-choked fields. The screams of wounded men, hurt too badly to flee, rose above the sounds of battle, many of them dying in the fiery holocaust.

The charges on Jesse's front were met by countercharges time and time again, but Jesse's men and the North Carolinians under Brigadier Junius Daniel stood their ground. Then after one final charge the Federal troops staggered and gave way in the sector of Jesse's line, and were forced to retreat. Only sporadic firing continued, but it was a few miles to the south, along the Orange Plank Road, that the full weight of the battle was developing. The men, if they slept at all, simply nodded off on the spot where they had fired their last shot.

Tomorrow would see the killings continued. Both armies planned to attack on May 6. The fighting raged on both sides of Jesse's brigade but the 53rd saw little action on this day. The arrival of darkness brought hostilities to a close for the day. Although the troops did not yet know it, as they entrenched for the night the Battle of the Wilderness was over. Casualties in the two days of fighting had been staggering; the North had lost 2, killed, 12, wounded and 3, missing, a total of 17, of , engaged; the Confederate losses, from the usual incomplete records kept on Southern casualties, were something over 7, of 60, By early morning Grant had node up his mind and he sent out orders for his army to move in the direction of Spotsylvania, in an attempt to flank Lee, moving round the Army of Northern Virginia toward Richmond.

Jesse's regiment arrived at Spotsylvania by the evening of May 8 in time to repulse an impulsive attack by the Federals, with heavy loses on the Union side. Both sides began building entrenchments and awaited the arrival of the remainder of their forces. The men spent the hot morning of May 9 digging and strengthening their earthworks, which eventually extended for a distance of three or more miles and which resembled a ragged "V", both ends being bent back and the center protruding northward into a strong salient.

Because of the shape of this protrusion in the center of the line it has become known to it's defenders as the "Mule Shoe". It was along the western face of this salient that the 53rd entrenched the evening of the 9th. No major action involving the 53rd had taken place that day. The next day, May 10, the Federals launched several probing attacks during the day along the left of the Rebel line. Finally becoming convinced that the mule shoe was a vulnerable spot a plan was proposed to crack the Confederate defenses at this spot.

Within five minutes the Yankees had made it over the parapet of the earthworks just to the right of Jesse's brigade.

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Because of the suddenness and the force with which the attack occurred, Jesse's men were forced to pull back until reinforcements came to help close the gap. With this accomplished the men in an organized attack struck the Federals forcing them to retire, and under darkness they retreated back to their lines.

A sudden change in the weather hampered all plans for operations on May Unseasonable heat gave way to uncomfortable cold, followed by a wet northeaster. A heavy storm of wind, rain and hail made life miserable for the soldiers. Hancock to leave their lines at a. Within a few minutes resistance seemed to vanish, and the enthusiastic Federals penetrated he salient up to one half mile in depth.

General Junius Daniel's brigade, which included the 53rd N. Infantry, and Jesse Franklin, was located on the west face of the salient and just to the left of the onrushing Federals. Daniels realigned his brigade at a right angle to the breastworks, and anchored it. With additional troops now on hand, at a. In this charge General Junius Daniel fell mortally wounded, resulting in temporary confusion of his troops and slowing down of their attack. However, the counter-charge was successful in Jesse's sector in driving the invaders back to the original works. Here from midmorning and lasting till past midnight of the 12th the battle surged back and forth over the contested works, in many places evolving into hand to hand personal combat.

It was a common thing for the soldiers of the Civil War to assign a name to a given charge or fight or place of significance. There-would always be the "bloody lane", the "stone wall", the "sunken road", etc. The over all casualties at Spotsylvania had been horrendous. In the two days of fighting, May 10 and 12, close to 6, of Lee's veterans had been killed or wounded, nearly 4, men had been captured. Grant's official toll was equally devastating, 10, killed, wounded and captured. These figures stand second only to Gettysburg's figures for sustained casualties in a campaign.

Morehead states "It was in the famous Horse Shoe at Spotsylvania It was brought out of the Horse Shoe under the command of a captain, its only remaining field officer, its Lieutenant Colonel being in command of the brigade, the Brigadier General Junius Daniel and every other officer in the brigade senior in commission having been killed or wounded.

The already battered command structure could stand little more of the beating it had received. A loss that could not be replaced and would be deeply felt by the Southern cause in the remaining ten months of the war. As May 13 dawned over the salient, the Federal troops awoke to find nothing but corpses in it. A week of stalemate would ensue, but Grant was already planning his sidling maneuver to the left, and closer by 25 miles to Richmond. Lee detected Grant's move but was unsure of his intentions.

In order to determine the location and activities of the Federals Lee ordered a reconnaissance in force into the area. Lee's troops for this side action included Jesse and the 53rd N. They attacked a supposedly weak Union line at "Harris' Faim" on May 19, and a vicious battle ensued, the opposing ranks firing volleys into each other at point blank range.

At first the Rebels seemed to be progressing satisfactorily, but the Yankees rallied and now were holding the ground. James Hook states that Jesse "was severely wounded in the second day Battle of the Wilderness, May 9, , which sent him to the hospital". So now we must digress from our narrative to consider the apparent discrepancy in the available records, to see if we can sort out the facts and determine the exact date and circumstances in which Jesse Franklin received his serious wound.

Rodes of August 20, "Absent, commissioned-officers accounted for: wounded May 19, ", and again, 13unker Hill, Virginia, of August 20, it states "the captain was absent due to wounds received on May 19, ". These points of difference will be discussed as to their actual fact and merit. If Jesse were wounded on the second day of the battle it would have been on May 6, but May 6 was a day of relative inactivity in the trenches south of the Orange Turnpike, so it is rather unlikely he was wounded on this day.

By May 9 the Battle of the Wilderness was over and the armies had moved to Spotsylvania, some 15 miles from the Wilderness, and that campaign had already commenced. Also May 9 was a day of entrenching operations in the Spotsylvania breastworks, and it was a day of light fighting. May 10 was a day of very heavy combat for Jesse and the 53rd, but no mention is made of his being wounded on this day, and the sane is true for May 12, a day that would forever be known for the "Bloody, Angle", and for the heavy casualties sustained.

Neither is this day mentioned as the day in which he was wounded. So we are left with May 19 as the date on which Jesse received a grave wound to the left shoulder as recorded in his service record.

From all the evidence gleaned in this study as to the determination of a place and time, it is my conclusion that Jesse was wounded on May 19 in the late afternoon attack on Union lines at Harris' Farm. Casualties are noted to have been unusually heavy for the small force that was engaged. Where Jesse was hospitalized and treated immediately after May 19 is not recorded, but he was admitted to the General Receiving Hospital Charity Hospital , Gordonsville, Virginia, on June 6 with the diagnosis of "Vulnus Sclopeticum", or at times abbreviated to V. These terms were unknown to me, yet intrigued me very much.

My large Random House dictionary did not have the term, and it was not found in my medical dictionary. The local library had no dictionaries that shed any light on the subject, however, the librarian had become interested in the mystery and suggested sending an enquiry on the term to the large public library in San Francisco, North State Cooperative Library System.

Today instead of V. Sophia is known for her Goth fashion sense and incredible dwarven strength. Roslyn Phillips The vampire madam who owns Northern Aggression, the most decadent nightclub in Ashland. Roslyn is known as much for her beauty as she is for her business smarts. Owen Grayson Owen is one of the wealthiest businessmen in Ashland, with an empire that includes mining, timber, and other companies.

He also happens to be interested in Gin, for reasons unknown at this point. Detective Donovan Caine One of the few honest cops in Ashland, Caine actually believes in trying to help people — despite the violence that is so prevalent in the city. Starting a business can seem like an impossible task. However, with some careful planning, important financial decisions, and a few steps to complete beforehand, you can make that dream a reality.

Thanks to the Small Business Administration, you can kick off your own business in the next year with these 7 easy steps. Jennifer explained why the newest addition to the Philadelphia Phillies should consider his long-term goals before implementing an official financial plan. Deciding between a limited liability company LLC and a sole proprietorship can be confusing for someone starting a new business. While there are pros and cons to each, if you are willing to put in the initial paperwork and fees, an LLC is the better way to go.

Are you a first time filer? Whether you work for a large corporation, as a subcontractor, or are self-employed, you will have to file taxes with the IRS. Celebrity endorsements have been around for decades. In the past, television personalities, movie stars, or others who were famous would persuade us to own this car or drink this soda. We point out that economic fundamentals have been weakening modestly, while equity markets have been rallying, and emphasize the importance of maintaining proper portfolio diversification. Everyone, at one time or another, yearns for a fresh, new bathroom.

In fact, for many of us, at any given time, the maximum amount of money that can be spent is around a hundred dollars. Nonprofit risk management is an essential component for a successful organization, and depending on the type of organization, there are a number of risk exposures involved. A successful nonprofit organization recognizes the risks involved and does everything they can to mitigate them.

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To help identify some of those risks, here is a list of four of the most common risks for nonprofits. Inflationary readings were modest and support the growing belief that the Federal Reserve may be finished hiking rates in this cycle. In fixed income, U.

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Treasury yields dropped across the yield curve as signs of slowing economic growth added a boost to U. This commitment is the third annual pledge made by BMT, increasing year-over-year, due to the. As we move through , we reiterate our call to build diversified portfolios and frequently revisit your investment objectives. Given the long period of low borrowing costs, many companies have increased the amount of debt on their balance sheets. Jim and Jen discussed the importance of credit analysis in the current economic environment as well as specific metrics the BMT Fixed Income Team utilizes when assessing the overall credit quality of an issuer.

Insuring a residential condominium unit can be complicated. In this edition, we offer a detailed overview of our expectations for the global economy as well as the global equity and fixed income markets. We believe the U. Equity and fixed income markets will likely face continued volatility given a higher interest rate environment and less accommodative monetary and fiscal policy. We hope you enjoy the pages that follow and look forward to keeping you informed in future updates.

After four interest rate hikes in , U. Given the expected slowing economic growth, Jim suggested investors reassess the amount of credit exposure within portfolios and consider favoring higher quality issuers over weaker credits. We analyze recent comments made after the December FOMC meeting and elsewhere, dive into surprise results from the December jobs and wages reports, offer an update on the bond market, and provide some guidance considering recent market volatility.

As investors analyzed the last jobs report of , The Associated Press turned to Ernie Cecilia, Chief Investment Officer at Bryn Mawr Trust, for his interpretation of the new data and how the markets reacted as a result. Charges from holiday spending continue to appear on credit card statements long after the holiday season is over. As the debts continue to roll in, consumers are tasked with the need to come up with additional funds to make good on their financial obligations.

Here are a few tips to help you get back on the right financial track quickly. Ernie explained how political noise can distract investors from the healthy state of the economy and reports of earnings growth. Read on as we compare current credit, loan demand, and loan quality conditions to those of Also, check out our short list of fundamental issues affecting market behavior. Often, when the enthusiasm is high and any sense of failure seems remote, people start out at full steam.

Ernie discussed what he will be keeping a close eye on in the New Year from sectors like technology, consumer discretionary, energy, telecommunications and aerospace. Malicious hackers have been known to find creative ways to get your money. In a study, a Dutch expert found almost 6, online shopping sites that harbored data-stealing code — with the companies running those sites being none the wiser. Stolen data was covertly forwarded to foreign servers and exposed thousands of unsuspecting online shoppers. While this news boosted U.

The holiday season is almost here, and now is the time to get ready. Time is already growing short, and there is still a lot to do. Hopefully you already have a fully funded holiday spending account in place, one that will allow you to purchase gifts for the ones you love. If not, a few simple spending offsets could fund your holidays. These financial compromises will help you enjoy a happy and financially healthy holiday season, so you can start the new year debt free. Financial fraud is an important exposure for companies of all sizes, but the risk is especially acute for smaller organization that often have fewer controls than larger companies.

Even small embezzlements can have acute financial effects on a small business, as well as morale problems resulting from a breach of trust. Unless you want to be paying off holiday purchases through and beyond, you must employ diligent budgeting and savvy shopping to sidestep credit card debt. Promises of special deals, rock-bottom pricing and the lowest price of the season are the fake enticements used by retailers to lure potential consumers to their door. While this is a sales practice employed all year long, the holiday season brings out the wildest and most outlandish promises.

Some of these offers are legitimate while others are more hype than reality. Separating the good deal from the empty promise of low pricing is a skill anyone can acquire. Thinking about or planning for a disaster — fire, theft, flood, etc. Having verifiable documentation of your ownership and worth of your valuables — works of art, jewelry, furniture, and recreational equipment — will help you navigate a potentially arduous claims process.

Building a solid credit history is essential for anyone who hopes to be able to own property, obtain favorable loan rates, and have more employment options. Building credit takes time, and it requires a conscious effort to manage it effectively. The fastest way to build credit is to always be aware of the five categories of credit scoring and conduct your credit activities accordingly.

As volatility continues in the U. According to Jim, investors are focused on the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting next week as well as ongoing developments around trade negotiations. Ernie put the latest drawback in perspective and explained that the market is repricing stocks to normalize their growth rates. It reviews November 28 comments by Federal Research Chairman Jerome Powell regarding the performance of the Consumer Discretionary and Information Technology sectors, trends in the bond market, and initial analysis of comments from the G Summit.

Employees grew beards throughout the month as an additional show of support. Their discussion focuses on issues relevant to professional advisors — estate lawyers, estate planners, and others — who are counseling clients on how to protect their digital assets after their death. With a series of anecdotes and what-if scenarios, Jen and Lee delve into best practices for setting up your estate so that your final wishes for your digital assets — photos, fintech accounts, gaming profiles, etc.

This is part one of a two-part podcast. It also reviews U. All company managers, not-for-profit and for-profit, know they need insurance. As the Federal Reserve convened for one of its final meetings of , Reuters called upon Jim Barnes, Director of Fixed Income at Bryn Mawr Trust, to find out what he is interested to learn at the conclusion of the Nov.

The four elements of SWOT analysis create an easy-to-follow framework that businesses of all sizes can use to assess the current and potential health of their respective enterprises. The knowledge that a company can gain from SWOT analysis can aid in the planning and development of existing and future entrepreneurial strategies. The fact of the matter is that anyone can save a million dollars, though the longer you have to save the easier the task. All it requires is discipline, patience and motivation. And yes, it also requires the money to set aside each month. But once you know how much you need to save and how realistic the goal really is, the motivation will come.

The effort is meant to bring awareness about early detection and acknowledging and supporting individuals and families affected by breast cancer. Automobile insurance premium rates have been on the rise for the past several years, and they are expected to continue to increase in the immediate future. What is behind the higher rates and how might rapidly evolving technology affect automobile insurance in the years to come?

Building a viable business and succeeding as an entrepreneur is not a mission for the meek and mild. Entrepreneurship can be grueling and can leave you wondering why you ever thought building your own company was a good idea. But if you are determined and are willing to invest in your future, you can improve your odds of business success as an entrepreneur. Everyone is battling to get the limited attention of potential customers online. You need frequent interactions and unique value, and you need to control information to control the story that people tell each other about your company.

Many people are familiar with the tale of King Midas, who turned everything he touched to gold. Every entrepreneur likes to think they work hard enough or smart enough , yet many of them struggle for years and achieve only modest success. Staying home with your baby is a wonderful privilege, but it comes at a price.

It also addresses the challenges of late-business-cycle investing and offers our outlook for the economy and financial markets going forward. Jim also offered his thoughts on the course of interest rates going forward. How are individual taxpayers being affected by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of ? You would think the main thing that separates the financial winners from the losers is money. Even people who make a lot of money can find themselves at its mercy if it controls their lives. Conversely, you probably know some people who make less than you do.

Yet, somehow, they seem to be in control and enjoying life as if they had all of the money in the world. It all comes down to attitude. It takes a winning financial attitude to take control of your finances and get the most out of life no matter your income. The economy is growing again, but, stagnate incomes and increasing living costs are still forcing many people to squeeze more from their budget to meet expenses. Reducing debt is the quickest way to free up some money, but that often requires getting more control over spending.

If increasing your income is not an option, there are several ways to squeeze more out of your budget to accomplish both. One of the most common mistakes rookie entrepreneurs make is neglecting to prepare a business plan. Identity theft affects over 15 million consumers every year. Technology is critical to the operations and success of most small businesses, which makes routine maintenance of your tech infrastructure vitally important.

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Like any type of equipment, monitoring technology performance and addressing small issues is more efficient and cost-effective than having to deal with downtime and higher costs in the aftermath of an outage or disruption. Many entrepreneurs know the value of feedback, as it tells them what the customers are thinking. With the U. Jim explained that as the budget deficit increases, the government issues more Treasury securities, which may lead to lower prices and higher interest rates for bondholders. Understanding what you want to achieve with your investments is vital to choosing the right approach and meeting your financial goals.

What this means is that you need to think ahead and understand some of what the future might hold, and use this to guide your investment decisions. It also examines wage pressures and the yield curve the two-year to year spread of U. Treasury bonds , which, while still positively sloped, has narrowed considerably since early Unnecessary items such as extra clothes and toys are expensive, and even life necessities such as toothpaste and napkins can be costly.

Ernie explained that his team monitors a number of indicators, such as wage growth and the slope of the yield curve, that may signal the onset of faster inflation, a potential risk to the bull market. Most people carry debt. The average person has a mortgage, car loan, student loan, and credit card debt. People get so caught up in keeping up with the Joneses that they end up mismanaging their finances. When shopping for a house, people tend to spend at the top of their budgets. Many feel the need to buy a new car every few years. They put vacations on credit cards and eat out multiple times a week.

The right sales and marketing plan clearly identifies everything from who the target customers are to budget. When done correctly, it can serve as a roadmap for the growth of a small business. Ever since President George H. Most not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteers to some degree to fulfill their mission, and their insurance policies must address the associated liability brought on by volunteer programs. They also explored several tax-planning strategies that are now available. Identity theft is no joke.

Every year, millions of people are scammed out of millions of dollars due to identity theft and fraud. There are, however, simple steps you can take to help protect yourself against the risk of identity theft. This article discusses the basics of how to keep your information and identity safe. It also looks at employment data for the month of August and the effect it has had on Treasury prices, and explains why the average hourly earnings figure is currently a major focus for bond investors. Treasury yields. As the school year approaches and schedules begin to fill up again, we all might be experiencing a little more stress than usual.

But does coming home make you feel restless rather than relaxed? If so, it may be time for a change of scenery — inside your home. DePonceau will report to the Managing Director of Capital Markets, Neil Orechiwsky and will focus on delivering premier international payments, foreign exchange and trade finance solutions to BMT customers.

As geopolitical tensions simmered in late August, Jim Barnes, Director of Fixed Income at Bryn Mawr Trust, spoke with Reuters to explain how these events are impacting fixed income markets. Evaluating your marketing efforts will help you expand the initiatives that are providing benefits to your company while reducing the amount of marketing spending you waste. The sales funnel. No matter what type of small business or what budget you have to put towards gaining new business and keeping existing customers, a sales funnel is essential. If you envision a funnel, then the sale begins at the large top opening then ends as it gets smaller with purchase or alternative end goal.

A sales funnel can also be referred to as a sales pipeline and can be the key to measuring, managing and forecasting the sales process. Additionally, it can also be the driving force to improving the sales process to gain more business. This sales process can involve a variety of different aspects and can vary significantly from one business type to the next.

Ernie Cecilia, Chief Investment Officer at Bryn Mawr Trust, spoke with Bloomberg about the ongoing bull market, which is currently the longest ever to be recorded. In school, you learned all about World War II, chemical reactions, and Shakespeare — but you may not have learned about how to properly manage your finances. Though not often taught, personal finance is perhaps one of the most important lessons that everybody needs to learn.

In this article, you will learn about the five most important steps to having an efficient and organized financial life. It is no surprise that the cost of weddings has been on the rise in recent years. The expense of hosting a wedding has become so high that some brides and grooms are starting their lives together deep in debt, increasing the odds that their finances will continue to suffer for years to come. Personal insurance typically provides individuals and families with protection against loss to their property and assets from such perils as fire, water damage, and liability lawsuits.

However, there is another exposure that is becoming an increasingly dangerous threat in our technology-driven world — cybercrime. Ernie explained the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio over the long term in order to weather market storms. If you are a fan of real estate shows, you might think that bigger is always better. On those shows, young couples are routinely encouraged to buy bigger homes than they currently need. The idea behind that advice is that the home will grow with them, and that children will eventually occupy all those empty bedrooms.

Jennifer encouraged parents to approach finances in a way that works best for their family and teach their children the value of a dollar. Placement is also considered as the distribution channel for a business. Both B2B and B2C small businesses sell through either one main distribution channel or multiple channels. The most important person in your life popped the proverbial question, and you said yes! However, there are a few things you really should take care of once you become engaged.

So what do you need to do after you say yes? Whether your goal is to make your home life more enjoyable or make your property more valuable, you cannot go wrong with an upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom. Upgrading the kitchen and bathroom can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but these home improvements will also enhance your life right now. Jim explained how recent trade tensions have increased the demand for bonds as a safe haven, although expected U.

Treasury issuance may put upward pressure on bond yields. It also compares rising year bond yields in countries around the globe, notes the mark Apple Inc. Small business owners have been generally optimistic throughout so far, and that positivity appears to be sticking around. According to a recent survey from WalletHub, seven out of ten owners find the present to be a good time for growth. Other factors business owners cited include limited regulation 25 percent , low taxes 21 percent , easy access to credit 13 percent , and government incentives 3 percent.

Crowdfunding provides an alternative to loans, credit lines, and traditional investors while allowing a business to get a sense of product demand before creating it. By utilizing the internet, a would-be business owner can collect donations from around the world with a solid idea and pitch. The core market is built-in, and contributors tend to be great for word-of-mouth marketing. The advantages can be tremendous a campaign is successful. Social Media Marketing is highly visual, with photographs and video dominating social network feeds as well as illustrations and other graphics.

Most small business owners are not professional photographers, videographers or graphic designers, so producing visuals for social media can be challenging. Add to that challenge the fact that each social network requires different sized images for cover images, profile images and posts. What might look great on Facebook could look less attractive on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It also recaps the recent performance of the equity and bond markets.

Every business begins with a vision or an idea. From there, businesses are either launched to success or they land in a heap of failure. The difference, for most entrepreneurial efforts, is likely to be found in the critical first steps that were undertaken in the formulation and implementation of the business plan. Even those businesses that initially failed to launch, stand a good second chance of success if the right steps are taken. Every aspiring business owner needs a start-up starter kit that includes the 10 things you absolutely must do to launch a business.

Ernie noted that high-performing companies with earnings that fall below expectations are being punished more harshly this earnings season. Moving in with someone is a milestone in your relationship. But did you know that the majority of arguments between new couples are about money? One of the issues that comes up frequently among business owners planning for their retirement is whether they should pay off their mortgage before they retire. Of course, the short answer is: It depends. Many factors have to be considered, including your cash flow and liquidity needs in retirement, how your assets are allocated, your tax situation, and your general attitude about debt.

While there are several advantages to paying off your mortgage, there may be situations when keeping it can provide more benefits. DiMaio Jr. As soon as the summer heat really kicks in and you turn on the AC for the first time, you start to dread seeing your next energy bill. But while we know air conditioning can be a major energy sucker, there are also some other not-so-obvious culprits that could be hiking up your energy bills all year round.

Jennifer emphasized the importance of asking questions in order to move forward with any financial goals. It is a time in which you get to spread your wings, further your education, and aspire to the career opportunities that await when you finish. It is also the time in your life when you need to start understanding finances, so you can hit the ground running once you obtain your degree. If you expect to emerge from college as debt-free as possible, there are 10 smart things you can do while you are in college to save some money. With cyber attacks increasingly targeting businesses of all sizes, a growing number of small businesses are protecting themselves with cyber liability insurance designed to help them deal with the aftermath of a data breach.

By providing financial support and services to help small businesses deal with aspects such as customer notification, data restoration, business interruption and other effects, cyber liability insurance can play an important role in helping a company survive a data breach or online attack. Another sign that the economy may be picking up is the reported increase in restaurant revenues, an indication that people are allowing more dining out into their once-strapped budgets.

Recent surveys, however, point to another reason why people are choosing dining out over eating at home. Many have determined that it could be less expensive. Ernie explained how the firm analyzes various indicators, such as the performance of small-cap stocks, to determine the likelihood of a recession. It also offers our outlook for the economy and financial markets going forward. With the number and sophistication of ransomware and other attacks on company networks and data increasing dramatically, choosing a backup service to protect your small business data is more important than ever.

For most companies, customer and financial data is critical to the daily operations, profitability and, ultimately, sustainability of their business. Despite frustrations with algorithm changes commonly made by Facebook and similar companies, these types of platforms give businesses a chance to gain very targeted eyeballs that other formats simply cannot provide. A small living room can feel terribly cramped. But with the price of properties at all-time highs, and many house builders making homes smaller every year, more and more people have to make do with a tiny space.

How can you turn a little room into a desirable space? First of all, lighten it up. Heavy curtains and drapes stop the light getting in. Take them down and replace them with thinner fabric, like muslin, or with blinds. Use light colors on the walls, and use matte paint, not gloss: it diffuses the light, instead of reflecting it.

Furniture, too, should be light in color; white painted surfaces, rather than wood, are best for tables and shelves, while upholstery should be in pastels, white, or beige and other light natural hues. It also reviews the recent performance of the equity and bond markets. In response to these developments, Ernie recommended keeping your portfolio diversified, as well as allocating more to small-cap stocks and bonds with shorter-duration maturities. Car insurance is a product that few people think about beyond the context of paying their annual premiums.

As a result, many people neglect to adjust their policies as their circumstances change. That neglect can lead to costly problems if they cause an accident. Several life events warrant taking a close look at your auto insurance policy. Each one may cause a shift in your financial status. Failing to update your coverage amounts and the types of insurance included on your policy can expose you and your family to considerable financial risk. Read on to learn how four major life events can change your car insurance needs. If you plan to travel this summer, you might rent a car.

Many rental car companies advertise attractive rates, but when it comes time to pay for the rental, you are confronted with options that can increase the rate significantly. One of the more costly options is the collision damage waiver. Keep track of all of your expenses. Putting it in black and white can make it easier to determine areas where you can most easily cut back in order to boost your long-term savings.

BMT announced today the appointment of Michael S. Since then, he has been working with BMT supporting multiple initiatives. While at RBA, Mr. Thompson held several senior roles beginning in , including controller and chief accounting officer. Small business owners rely on the Internet for everything from ordering stock to keeping in touch with customers.

Unfortunately this brings exposure to the increasing threat of cyber crime. In addition to stealing money by fraud and deception, cyber criminals may set out to damage your reputation or put you out of business completely. Your boutique business is no ordinary enterprise. You offer that special selection, those unique items or that specialized service. You provide something extra; something different than a basic, run-of-the-mill business. Of course, your offerings, being extraordinary, come with a more robust price tag. September 26, Read Full Article.

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One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1) One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)
One More Victim (Acorn Ridge Chronicles Book 1)

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