Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam

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His platoon was soon reduced to 15 effective's by the time he assaulted through the hospital to the prison. Go figure.

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The C. When the front door entry was not an option i. Similarly, Tank Officer, 1st Lt R. That they were Marine Tankers, led by a superior Tank Officer who was to receive the Silver Star Medal for his recognized bravery , who would fight like no others, there was no doubt. Upon his arrival, Lt Morrison met and game-planned his proposed use of tanks with Maj Thompson and his staff.

It was determined early-on that the supporting tanks, with their infantry protection, would fight the battle together. Included on this team was the mm recoilless rifle-armed Ontos. Each element of this team brought to the party unique capabilities that, if worked together, would insure the best chance for success in winning the battle for North Hue - The Citadel. The tanks would top off with fuel, ammo, and food for the next day. This number was confirmed during an interview with another tank crewman, LCpl Dennis Martin.

The tanks led the attack down the narrow streets. Capt C. Casey, C. We primarily used them in a hit and run type of thing. It was primarily a building buster, just like we were doing with the tanks. However, though Capt Casey was an advocate for the full use of combined arms, the unique status of Hue dictated caution. In an telephone interview with retired Col Bob Thompson, he acknowledged the value he and his company commanders placed on tanks. The rules of engagement ROEs required pinpoint accuracy of his supporting arms. Tanks and Ontos provide that. Because so much of the success of the battle was dependent on tank and Ontos support, then-Maj Thompson would not continue the attack until they were re-armed.

As long as we could keep some form of infantry protection around them we could run them down those streets. Where they were receiving fire, we could knock a hole in that building, and usually put a damper on that fire. While tank fires were correctly employed at the tactical in fact, the small unit level, it is critically important that the operational commander makes armored assets available to his subordinate commanders in these circumstances. The toughest objective in North Hue was the massive Dong Ba tower which looked down on and controlled access to the Dong Ba Gate which was at the mid-point along the eastern wall of North Hue.

3rd Tank Battalion

Tanks were somewhat disadvantaged in that they could not elevate their 90mm guns sufficiently to engage the top levels of buildings. Also, the streets in some sectors of North Hue were so narrow that the tank track end connectors made contact with the building on both sides. Without prior recon, tanks could find themselves in blind alleys. Pfc T. Tanks is about all that saved us at Phase Line Purple. At midnight on 27 February, Operation Hue City officially ended. Lasting 26 days, the battle for Hue was the longest and bloodiest of the Tet Offensive. A total of 3 Marine battalions and 11 ARVN battalions were eventually committed to retaking the city.

Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam

Ten thousand homes were damaged or destroyed. The battle created , homeless refugees and left 80 percent of the historic city in ruins. Americans lost killed and 1, wounded in action, while the ARVN lost killed and 1, wounded. The United States estimated enemy casualties at 5, with 1, killed. Downs, George R.

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Christmas, and Charles L. Meadows — described very briefly the value of tanks in breeching walls and buildings - allowing the infantry to move through the city to some degree without canalizing and exposing the ground troops to the enemy pre-planned fires down the streets. Hammel, who gives tanks great coverage in both his Hue City books, says that Cheatham has softened a bit with his indictments.

Several of the troopers stated during their interviews that they believed they would not be telling their story had it not been for tank support. I cited but a couple in this article. History and Museums Division, Headquarters, U.

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Marine Corps, Washington, D. Marines in Vietnam: The Landing and the Buildup Charles M. Johnson USMC. Marines in Vietnam: The Defining Year Jack Shulimson, et al. Pacifica Military History, Zenith Press, Murphy, Edward F. Presidio Press, Allison, Fred H. Vietnam Section, Oral History Archives. Herr, Michael, Dispatches. Vintage International, New York, Presidio Press, and Avon, Hellgate Press, Each of the three regimental combat teams of the 3rd Marine Division had their own tank company and a scout car platoon.

They were formed from a group of reassigned reconnaissance scouts from the Scout and Sniper companies within the 3rd Marine Division. Arriving on Iwo Jima on 20 February , the battalion played an important role in the capture of the island.

Vietnam USMC 1st Tanks 1967-68 tuay loan mine sweep flame tank

On 7 January , the battalion was deactivated at Camp Pendleton. In the 3rd Tanks engaged the Viet Cong 1st Regiment southwest of Da Nang, pushing them into the sea, and killing over men. Around the time of the Iran-U. The battalion joined the 1st Marine Division upon that unit's arrival in Saudi Arabia on 15 August During Operation Desert Storm , the battalion fought a four-day ground campaign from 24—28 February , and returned to the United States in April A unit citation or commendation is an award bestowed upon an organization for the action cited.

Members of the unit who participated in said actions are allowed to wear on their uniforms the awarded unit citation. A gold banner above the shield is inscribed "Third Tank Battalion" and another below the shield has "Shock, Mobility, Firepower" in scarlet. Subsequent insignia and devices are variations of this original insignia, typically changing the tank to a more modern version.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alamo, the U. Turner Joy, the U.

Catalog Record: Vietnam battle chronology : U.S. Army and | HathiTrust Digital Library

Iwo Jima, the hospital ship U. Sanctuary, and many others. Due to the terrain and climate of Vietnam, combat bases became major landmarks and they became major objectives for the NVA and the VC. He explains that tanks were often used-many say "misused"-as pillboxes in the defense of the line. Without room to maneuver, the tanks lost much of their tactical advantage. Although the book is primarily dedicated to covering the battles fought by the United States Marine Corps, the author does not ignore the other services, giving credit to Army units, Navy support vessels, and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam ARVN.

It is a well rounded book that provides an authoritative insightful look at commanders, commands, and the tanks and armor that supported them. If you build armor models from the Vietnam War, this is a must read.

Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam

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