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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Two damaged men. One dangerous mission. One healing love. These are the men of Hard Ink. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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The walls between the worlds are down. A new unfolding has begun It started long ago, Jan 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Book 2. Abby has been through a lot moved from Denver to Colorado with a young child. Started her own tea shop and trying to make it through each day as a widow. Loved that this book m Book 2.

Joy, sadness, frustration, fear, hope I mean, for a novella there was just so much going on! And the chemistry! Have no fear in feeling lost if you jump into this book without reading previous stories. View 2 comments.

Oh my gosh! Seriously the sweetest, most feeling of all! I just loved this story.

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Jan 09, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Tears will flow as you read this touching book. Both Abby and Ryan have had tragic lasts but can they learn to make a new future together. The love and friendship in this book makes you weep. Jan 23, Jody rated it it was amazing Shelves: friends-to-lovers , romances-with-kids , recurring-series , contemporary , addictions , anthology , novella , family-intervention , m-f , starting-over. Ryan puts forth a strong sense of family in this latest tale of addiction, loss, and overcoming the past to make a HEA. Along the way the main couple takes readers on a sweet and sensual journey that warms the heart and lays the groundwork for more HEAs in the future from amongst the appealing cast of secondary characters.

Theirs was a rocky relationship where his twin brother Michael was seen as the golden child while he was viewed as the problem.

Novella | Beneath the Ink – Kath Middleton

This novella has him taking center stage and showing a bit of awkwardness along with a kind heart. When a sweet first date leads to a sultry night, both of them start to share more about themselves in a journey of healing and empowerment. She wants to be seen as strong and capable, someone her daughter can be proud of, even if she feels the exact opposite.

Into her conflicted feelings comes the sweet and sexy Ryan, someone just as uncertain as her, and together their shy and subtle flirtations take them from friends to lovers. This was an entertaining read for the most part, full of playful interactions amongst the Montgomery clan and their friends. The sense of family is strong throughout this novella as every one of the Montgomery family is there when trouble arises, or a listening ear is needed. The romance is tender in this book, sweet in its newness and fragile as Ryan and Abby both have fears.

As their mutually painful pasts are revealed readers will find themselves cheering as a new family is created. Though the ending is satisfying, I did have an issue with how Michael was handled. After a loud and scary introduction his character just seemed to vanish with a single sentence devoted to him. After seeing the power Michael had over Ryan I wanted a more powerful ending for him. Despite that small quibble I found this to be a heartwarming story with characters that are easy to relate to. This story may have been a short and quick read, but it packed quite a punch and has me longing to see where Ms.

Ryan takes us next. Jan 21, Robyn rated it it was amazing. This story made me smile. This story made me cry. Abby is a tragic figure as she was widowed when she was pregnant. We first met her in Murphy Gallagher's story as her Max and Murphy were in treatment together. So she was tied to the Gallaghers through Murphy, and since the Gallaghers and the Montgomerys are connected through marriage, she was connected to the Montgomerys. She was 'adopted' into the Montgomery clan and now owns the tea shop by Montgomery Ink Too. Ryan was the mystery tattoo arti This story made me smile.

Ryan was the mystery tattoo artist at the Montgomery's shop. They make a cute couple and I loved watching how they started as friends and grew into more healing each other. Ryan had a twin that caused him trouble regularly and made him hesitant to want to get involved. His twin had made him feel like he had to pull up stakes and leave the last few places that he'd worked.

Of course, the Montgomery clan wasn't having any of that as he was one of them now and they rallied around him this time when his brother showed up to create mayhem. Did I mention how sweet a couple they made? They looked out for each other, leaned on each other. Broke my heart at the retelling of Max's death. I felt for Amy. The way it was told was so poignant.

But I love this author's way with words. Max was Amy's first love and the fact that she had his child meant that he'd always be a part of her life, as he should be. I loved how Ryan was so accepting of that. Amy had problems accepting help, and watching her realize that accepting help,asking for help, doesn't take anything away from her independence was kind of a message to me, lol. The only thing wrong with this story was that it was too short. I love living in the Montgomery world. I can't wait to read the next one.

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Abby and Ryan are two secondary characters, who got the chance to get a story and a happily ever after. In some ways, the story is bitter and in others is sweet. I loved their story and how they became something more than friends. Abby's love for her first husband is evident in the story, but it doesn't take something from the main love story. It was well done and everything I could ask for. As you know each story in the dak nights world and pretty much every book written by Carrie Ann Ryan Abby and Ryan are two secondary characters, who got the chance to get a story and a happily ever after.

As you know each story in the dak nights world and pretty much every book written by Carrie Ann Ryan is a stand-alone and it can be read as such. If you are not familiar with the series, there is no need to worry. You can just pick this book up and join the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs world. The writing is great and all the characters very lovable. I would definitely recommend it.

Jan 30, Michele A. Abby and Ryan find themselves exploring their newfound feelings for each other in this one. Abby is trying to move on with her daughter, Julia, after the death of her fiance', Max. Ryan knows she is still struggling and seems to be very patient with her. Ryan has his own baggage in the form of his twin brother, who is a drug addict. Their pasts both have the capability of haunting them, but both try to move on. It was a short, easy read and gave a lot of insight into grief and regret.

Both chara Abby and Ryan find themselves exploring their newfound feelings for each other in this one. Both characters had them, but in different situations. It was nicely portrayed and didn't leave me feeling too dragged down by it. My only issue was that it was a bit too short for me. I wanted a bit more of them at the end.

Jan 27, ErinMickC rated it it was amazing.

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A delightful little novella that had me utterly enthralled from the first to the last page. Abby and Ryan have been friends for awhile. They both have connections to the Montgomerys and they run in similar circles. Their love story was sweet, and endearing, and optimistic in a way that blew my socks off. I laughed and cried ok, mostly cried the bulk of A delightful little novella that had me utterly enthralled from the first to the last page. I laughed and cried ok, mostly cried the bulk of this book.

Jan 19, Hannah rated it really liked it. This is a quick read novella but Carrie Ann Ryan still manages to pack all her emotional angsty stuff and her hotter than hell romance into such a little package. Abby whose past is an open book among their group of friends and Ryan a new friend but already part of the family whose past isn't as easy to read. Friends first Ryan and Abby start to show signs of a mutual attraction after Ryan rescues Abby and her daughter from a snowbank.

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Abby conflicted because her first love, Max, she lost before they could even get married. Ryan is pretty sure Abby is the woman for him but his past is standing in the way, especially when his past shows back up and threatens to ruin everything good Ryan has done for himself. Overall, I loved this it was short and hot.

Ryan and Abby burn up the sheets, their chemistry is outstanding. I especially liked the shy awkwardness between them when Ryan first asks her out it was sweet. Of course you have all the emotion that pours out of them confessing things they never told anyone else it grabs you and twist you up, yep Carrie Ann Ryan excels at that. Jan 14, Isha Coleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. Let her inside your head and she'll run away with your heart. Ryan has a talent for sweeping readers off their feet with emotional characters, heartwarming stories and tempting romance.

Ashes to Ink is just another example of the magic that she creates. Courage is not something that a person learns, but a stirring within one's self to beat the odds and try again, even at the most heartbreaking of times. Abby and Ryan are the ideal example of what it means to be brave. Jan 09, Carol rated it it was amazing. Again, a wonderful addition to Montgomery Ink. It took me awhile to remember Max and Abby, but when I did, whoa, it was so sad.

I will be going back and rereading that book. Ryan and Abby were attracted to each other but hadn't acted on it. Everyone around them could see it. They had great chemistry and will make a great couple. I felt for Ryan when his brother came back into his life. It certainly was a no win situation. Abby had a great attitude toward it and will help him deal with it. Enjoya Again, a wonderful addition to Montgomery Ink. Enjoyable story that I will put in my read again stack. I got this book from the author for an honest review.

I love these novellas so much! It just makes me so happy that every character gets their story, even it is only around pages. Abby and Ryan were both in a tough spot in life and they both really needed that extra light in their lives. I love how they came to be, even with a little trouble along the way. Seeing them with the rest of the Montgomery Springs clan was a delight!!!

Jan 23, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: second-chance-romance , inkslinger , kindle-books , tattoo-artist. I loved this novella but I wished there was more. I absolutely loved Abby and Ryan and I needed more of them.

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