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These modern myths are built from the ideas and representations of the society in which they are created, consequently they mirror some features of this society. This is the central idea at work in Mythologies by Roland Barthes: in this book, the French writer explains how some cultural features create a modern mythology Mounier says — there is a continuing swapping without first chicken or first egg. The depiction of the fictional world of mythology is shaped by the real world.

According to G. Durand, the influence on this representation may be unconscious but its aftermath is obvious. Wonder Woman's stories show us the moments that western society considers as its genesis. Firstly, her origins and homeland on Paradise Island face the reader with the modern vision that our society has of Antiquity. Indeed, Antiquity is often referred to as the Golden Age for democracy. Ancient Greece is remembered as a moment of elaboration and construction of the modern concept of democracy. The rooting of Wonder Woman in Ancient Greece's culture actually grants her a very stable background.

Moreover, the portrayal of Themyscira reveals us the contemporary vision we 75 Roland Barthes. The Second World War is remembered as the second founding moment as it was the time of the defense of democracy. Princess Diana of Themyscira is bound to both periods. She grew up with an ancient Greek upbringing and she then fought alongside the Allies during the Second World War to defend core western values and beliefs i.

Wonder Woman is a heroine rooted in the time of genesis for our current society. They relate events that took place in a primordial time, the fabled time of the beginnings. Indeed, Miss Marvel appeared in her own series during s' second-wave feminism in the United States. Women were claiming more recognition and more rights to reach gender equality. To this extent, Carol Danvers' decision to take a superheroine name and to act by herself without the tutelage of a father figure — as Captain Mar-Vell used to be — is a reflection of women's gain of independence inside society.

She chooses to act alone and she eventually decides to work with a team of agents that she has recruited by herself. Wonder Woman stories also reflect the evolution of society regarding the emancipation of women and the betterment of their social status. In the first issues of the series during the s and s, Wonder Woman was wearing a long skirt or a bloomer. Her appearance evolved during the s and s with the television show and the portrayal of the Greek Princess by Lynda Carter.

Her shorts were reduced and her top hid less of her body. Miss Marvel Volume 2 13, The recent change in her suits — especially the first time that Wonder Woman wore pants 80 — is linked to the shifting readership of comic books and the reappropriation of the icons by people rejecting the need of attractiveness in the portrayal of superheroines. To this extent, the influence of Wonder Woman has been largely discussed by feminist movements. The crux of the questioning was whether the character was an asset or an obstacle in the struggle for women's rights. Some analyses of Wonder Woman by feminist movements aimed at captioning the ideal of the emancipated woman.

She was designed by William Moulton Marston to be a strong female character to which women could identify. Therefore, she has been a character under scrutiny by the public since her creation. There were discrepancies in the reactions amongst feminist groups: it epitomizes the relevance of the superheroine's echo among the readership and society of her time. American journalist and feminist activist Gloria Steinem wrote about Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman symbolizes many of the values of the women's culture that feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream: strength and self-reliance for women; sisterhood and mutual support among women; peacefulness and esteem for human life; a diminishment both of "masculine" aggression and of the belief that violence is the only way of solving conflicts.

Steinem established the adequation between Wonder Woman's actions and state of mind in the comic books and the desires of feminists in the real world to promote women's qualities and advocate a progression of their status. As superheroines are reflections of society, they offer a mirror of the trends which gain momentum in society.

Moreover, they can also be considered as role models by the readership that is faced with strong female figures and role models. Michael Straczynski, w , Daniel Horn p. Wonder Woman. Interpretive essay by Phyllis Chesler. Designed by Bea Feitler. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Durand is therefore very relevant to the analysis of the superheroines. Wonder Woman's perception in real life is visible inside the fictional narrative arcs of WWV3.

Indeed, the creation of the Athenian Women's Help Shelter82 is a consequence of the impact of the character's actions. In the story, the women who left their husbands explain that they found the strength to do so when they saw the courageous and successful actions Wonder Woman achieved. Wonder Woman is also portrayed as a role model for young girls.

It is clearly instantiated by the cover of Wonder Woman 25 left picture 83 on which Wonder Woman is represented as a strong person bending her muscles, with the American flag behind her in the background. The small girl at the bottom right corner imitates Wonder Woman's move because she identifies with the superheroines. Therefore, superheroines are characters with symbolic strength like the classical goddesses they are derived from. Wonder Woman relies on the portrayal of Moon Goddess Artemis — named Diana, by the Romans and this is also the superheroine's true name — who was a virgin huntress and women's protector.

The reception of Wonder Woman in real life is exemplified inside the fiction by the recognition of a role model. There is a very clear swapping — to get back to G. Durand's concept — between the reception of the character in real life and the implementation of story elements that instantiate this perception inside comic book's fiction.

Besides, Wonder Woman is often perceived as a role model in the real world too. The reception of the character since its creation in the s has made it a well-known cultural figure for large amount of people around the world — even for non-comics readers. Wonder Woman Volume 3 5, Wonder Woman Volume 3 25, Moulton Marston as a strong female character and she was received as an epitome of it.

Joseph Campbell's explanations in his lectures about the Feminine Divine lead us to assert that Wonder Woman as well as Miss Marvel's stories are clear instantiations of women's force. Joseph Campbell wrote: The important thing about the Goddess is not whether women sat on thrones and ruled in a matriarchal social structure; it is whether the quality of Woman, the being of Woman, the sense of Woman was understood, known, and respected. According to his idea of the Goddess, the isolated island does not instantiate the progressive liberation of women in modern society.

Actually, its true instantiation occurs with the departure of Princess Diana for America and the western world; the help she grants to ordinary people in order to save them from evil results in the recognition of Wonder Woman as a strong feminine figure. Contrarily to Superman or Green Lantern, Wonder Woman displays more comprehensiveness towards people and more compassion — which is not tantamount to saying that she is weaker — but she is also a fierce warrior raised by the Amazons and she is known to be so.

Graphic novels can be purchased in newspaper stores and bookshops like any other literary form. Insofar as comic books are a modern literary genre, the stories that they offer display the same features as other literary genres such as novels. Wonder Woman: The complete History. San Francisco: Chronicle Book, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine. By reading superheroines stories, the reader is also able to project into a different Earth where superpowers exist - with the existence of metahumans for DC Comics. The reader meets superheroines and gaudy characters that she or he will like or dislike.

As some characters are perceived as role models, some fans like to resemble them or even dress up like them. The cosplay phenomenon88 comes from the admiration of the fans for many varied characters in pop culture left picture The cosplay phenomenon is very reminiscent of the veneration of divinities in Ancient Greece. Nevertheless, the phenomenon does not include a religious part but it rather deals with a recognition and respect for the characters of our culture.

In the conclusion to her paper, Lamerichs writes that: Cosplay does not just fictionalize everyday life and give it an aesthetic dimension; it also shows how the fictional shapes the actual. Ultimately, cosplay is a vital example of how identity is constructed.

Fans construct their own identity by associating themselves with fictional characters and embodying them. Durand is clearly at work in the cosplay phenomenon. At first, authors created characters that reflected some trends of our society. Secondly, the fictional figures which have been created are taken over by the fans who are influenced by the identity of the heroes.

The swapping between the fictional and the actual worlds is discernible. Cosplayers often dress up on the occasion of dedicated conventions gathering hundreds of people. Actually, the reader is able to feel compassion or joy towards the superheroines because the characters clearly display their human side. Yet, the reader is also amazed in front of the wonders that the characters are able to accomplish: this composes the divine side of the superheroines.

Therefore, both characters operate symbolic mediation between two aspects of life: humanity and divinity. To begin with, the character Wonder Woman has a discernible symbolic quality because Princess Diana of Themyscira is not the only one who has assumed Wonder Woman's role. To this extent, the superheroine is a type of metafictional character as Wonder Woman is no one but she is embodied by someone. These examples show the symbolic quality of superheroines.

Thanks to this distinction between the public figure or what is called the persona and the private person who embodies the superheroine, superheroines' stories manage to display more individual and psychological features for their characters. Moreover, these characters also have a civil life among ordinary people.

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Carol Danvers hires a public relations manager to work on the image of Miss Marvel in the media and the public. An accurate separation takes place between the superheroine who is a flat character — that is a character who represents a specific idea according to E. Forster94; here, superheroines are idealized figures — and on the other side, the civil identities of Diana Prince and Carol Danvers who are complex individuals. This duality is comparable to the one of the President of the United States or the President of France. The office of President is a public role and when the President speaks in public, he or she speaks as President of the country and as the head of state.

Yet, there is also a private person who takes up the role during the mandate but as long as this person fulfils the office of President, this person will not talk as a private individual when he or she speaks in the public sphere. Miss Marvel Volume 2 , Aspects of the Novel. London: Edward Arnold, Contrarily to what could have been expected, Diana does not blame Circe for doing so. Actually, she considers this mortal vulnerability as an opportunity to understand ordinary people's daily life in a world where metahumans and supervillains exist.

Diana wants to improve the actions she takes to help ordinary people. Therefore, her true strength relies in her determination to act even if she has no superpower in her mortal body. As well as it makes her a role model, it also grants her a moral superiority and respectability in front of the readers.

Like a Christic figure, Princess Diana has made the choice to live with ordinary mortals like an ordinary mortal and it contrasts with Queen Hyppolite's last advice when Diana left Paradise Island. Durand is the underlying phenomenon at work in this mediation.

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The superheroines generate a reflection amongst the readership by their actions and their noble quality. They act with nobility in their decision and it is a model for the readership. Superheroines are dynamic mediators between ordinary people and the notion of divine. They are an invitation to reflect upon the society to which the myths belong. Indeed, a society always chooses its own goddesses and mythologies according to the evolutions that took place but also the changes people want to see. This link is firstly exemplified in the geneses of the two characters.

Wonder Woman was conceived as a cathartic model for women and she became an independent, strong princess who came to men's world to protect men. Her origins are completely rooted in Ancient Greece and classical mythology. Miss Marvel was designed as the ideal of the successful American woman and her powers were a gift from extraterrestrial powers similar to ancient gods' powers. Their physical features and attributed powers are similar to those of ancient heroes. Both superheroines are faced with the epiphany of their call to adventure which is the first step of their journey of initiation.

Moreover, the stories of Wonder Woman and Miss Marvel follow the narrative frame of the mythological journey of initiation. After they have experienced their call to adventure, they overcome obstacles in order to learn about the world and to be recognized by people or deities. Comic books can become palimpsests of ancient myths. Like the protagonists of Greco-Roman myths, superheroines show their worth and values in order to fight evil.

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At the end of the journey of initiation comes the moment of accomplishment after the superheroines have gone through death and rebirth, be it symbolical or literal. They have reached the stage of maturation which epitomizes the educational potential of comic books explained by William Moulton Marston. Lastly, the bound of superheroines to the notion of myths is also epitomized by their reception in the society which created them.

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The characters Wonder Woman and Miss Marvel are thus perceived as role models inside their own narrative arcs because they instantiate women's force. Superheroines' stories are able to offer mediation between humanity, through the complex aspects of individualities, and divinity, through the actions and symbolic quality of the superheroines. The influence of society plays a substantial role in the creation of such figures but there are other principles at work in their creations.

Some culturally-enshrined images underlie the edification of these icons. Mainstream religious beliefs are connected to the genesis of mythical figures. Thus, the analysis of these images and the aspects of profane reverence to the superheroines are worth-exploring. The study of additional superheroines would also be an interesting lead to follow in order to broaden the views of this paper. DC Comics character Raven is a figure who originates from varied roots; she offers many epitomes of the swapping between the production and reception of the superheroine myth.

Athena descending on Earth from Olympos. Appendix 2: Eduardo Pansica, Don Kramer. Wonder Woman in Odyssey, Appendix 3: Olivier Coipel. House of M, Appendix 4: Unknown author. Marvel 20, Under this name, she can keep in touch with supervillains attack as well as living among ordinary mortals. Amazons: they are female warriors who live on Paradise Island under the lead of Queen Hyppolite, Diana's mother. The Amazons have mythological origins as they are protected by Goddess Aphrodite who granted them the island to live secluded from men's world. Circe: She is a mythological sorceress appearing in the Odyssey but she is also one of Wonder Woman's central enemies.

Donna Troy: She is considered by Diana as her sister but to be more precise, she was a duplicate of Diana created by an evil sorceress, which makes her rather her clone than her sister. She possesses the same abilities as Wonder Woman. She and her sister Antiope, the army general created the city of Themyscira on Paradise Island.

Maxwell Lord: He was a very wealthy businessman and entrepreneur. During Infinite Crisis, he mind-controlled Superman and other superheroes to have them attack each other. When he got arrested by Wonder Woman, he told her that the only way to stop him from mind-controlling superheroes was to kill him. Wonder Woman did so but Lord's accomplices broadcast the video on every TV channels in the world so that the American government, Superman and Batman rejected Wonder Woman for resorting to killing.

Steve Trevor: He is the first ordinary mortal that Diana ever saw. He was a U. Queen Hyppolite and the Amazons accepted to break their tradition of seclusion so that Princess Diana brought Trevor back to America and helped the Allies during the war by becoming Wonder Woman. Themyscira and Paradise Island: It is the homeland of the Amazons and a place unknown to ordinary mortals. Themyscira is the main city of Paradise Island, a place given to the Amazons by Goddess Aphrodite after the former city of Themyscira located in modern Turkey was destroyed by Hercules.

The island hides the Doom's Doorway guarded by the Amazons. Men are forbidden to step foot on the island. Her fire powers were much more intense and Professor Charles Xavier helped her to control them. They are in conflict with the Skrulls. Danvers took the name Miss Marvel as a tribute. He died from a cancer. She is a shapeshifter, therefore she is able to transform into any other person.

Norman Osborn: He is a wealthy businessman who is famous for being Spider-Man's main enemy. Rogue: Her real name is Anna Marie and she is Mystique's adoptive daughter.

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She has the ability to drain superpowers and life energy. Obeying Mystique's order, she tried to kill Miss Marvel and put her in a coma. She has the ability to alter reality and she did so during the narrative arc House of M. She also possesses strong telekinetic and psychic powers. She is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. Skrulls: They are a belligerent alien race and the main enemy of the Kree.

Karla Sofen: She was a doctor and a supervillainess known as Moonstone. Hester, Phil, Straczynski, J. Heinberg, Allan w , Dodson, Terry p. Who is Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman: Love and Murder. Pfeiffer, Will w , Woods, Pete p. Amazons Attack! Simone, Gail w , Dodson, Terry p. Wonder Woman: The Circle. Wonder Woman: End of the Earth. Simone, Gail w , Leprosti, Aaron p.

Wonder Woman: A Murder of Crows. Simone, Gail w , Scott, Nicola p. Wonder Woman: Wrath of the Silver Serpent. Reed, Brian w , Delatorre, Roberto p. Miss Marvel Vol. Marvel Volume 2 1- 5 , [Marvel]. Marvel Volume 2 , [Marvel]. Marvel Special: Storyteller , [Marvel]. Rucka, Greg w , Jones, J. Everything is about the surface. So beauty means what someone looks like on the outside.

Do I really want to live in a world where my physical appearance and how I interpret it impacts what choices I make when I seek friends? Friends, I can tell you with certainty that neither my looks nor your looks were what drove me to desire your friendship. Are my own looks really going to impact how I treat my children? My wrinkles and laugh-lines, as they develop, will somehow influence the way I love?

Beauty as Dove defines it — how I look on the outside — is not, and should not, be what is most critical to my own happiness as a person. Against a bright beam of sunlight, she is suddenly enfolded in the arms of — judging from what we can see of him — a young, conventionally attractive, well-dressed man.

But what really bothers me here is that even as we are told that women should stop worrying so much about how they perceive themselves and concentrate on more important things, we are told exactly what those more important things are. What we get here, then, is suggestive. Creative director Ken Levine has been making the kind of upscale promotional rounds usually frequented by novelists or filmmakers—rare air for someone who has just made an ultraviolent first person shooter, the most reviled and most lucrative subgenre of the most debased popular art form.

She moved ostensibly for grad school but found she learned as much from diving into local history, her Mormon neighbors, the animals she raised and gave away and the ones who died, as she learned in books and classes. In her lovely, meditative memoir, The Days Are Gods , Stephens tells about white teenagers dressed up as Indians, a French kid who spends his summer on a Dude Ranch, surprise goats, and discovering how going to a non-trivially alien place helped her discover or become or transition or whatever into her adult self.

Stephens received her PhD in creative nonfiction from Ohio University. She will stop to ogle or coo over any animal in the vicinity, especially dogs. She can parallel park like a boss. You can also find out more about Liz Stephens and her work on her website, thedaysaregods. And now I am really there. Or narrative? Or dream? Cultural values I wanted to attribute to the West exclusively were demonstrably true of Ohio as well: tractor derbies are good fun, and you should keep your business at the local feed shop or they will close and you will be screwed some day in the future when you need them.

Neighbors are, like fences, worth investing time in. Being a college professor living in the country is not the same as being a grounds keeper at the campus and driving in to work, and none of you are going to be able to pretend it is. It is. If you tell your life in a big epic way, those are the features you feature in your surroundings, no matter who you are or your line of work. If you keep stories small and close to the home, you value that in your narrative of your own life.

You describe your region in which that life plays out accordingly. Sometimes the West is simply the line of box stores you are most familiar with, with a really long snowy season. How to Be Awesome Like But despite her overt support of villainy, Claire is easily one of the most fascinating women in a current series. However, perhaps we are supposed to think that this newfound desire is misplaced, given what we know of both Underwoods. Only time will tell if Claire will be crushed by the inevitable tumbling of this House of Cards.

In non-Mona news… practically nothing. This was an all Mona all the time episode! Just giving the people what they want, ay show. Sarah T: I know! Except, granted, a history of blowing up Jenna. Why would he not suspect Mona, who just got back from being extra evil? And the Jenna thing was totally Ali right?! Mona is back. She put the brain in her own locker as part one of the Mona: Sympathy for the Devil campaign, and she blew up Meredith either because warped logic led her to believe that it would help her prove herself to the Liars or because of A team reasons, which are always mysterious.

Phoebe B: I will second you on all counts. I definitely think Mona is working in cahoots with the janitor who is now on the A team? Also, Mona walking down the hall with that knife. And scary too. Like was she trying to distract folks from something? Or was it just for comic value? Chelsea H. The summer before my junior year of college, I worked at a family-owned business that sold paint, spas, and above ground pools. Strange combination, I know.

It was a great summer job. My boss, for one, was determined to change the latter. I pointed out that the bar scene was not really my thing. There are men at the grocery store. There are men at laundrymats! I would rather save them for a soda machine. Quarters, that is, not a boyfriend. But his comments made me think. Yes, I was single. Yes, admittedly, I was lonely. But why did being a great person mean I ought to be half of a couple? That fall, I met the man who became my husband. I love our partnership. I would feel lost without him. And that makes me fit in perfectly. Because society demands perfectly paired coupledom.

And though I recognize that this is not the only state of being in which individual human beings can be content, it is the most accepted, the most belabored, and the most advertised. And I think this is a problematic, stagnant way of thought that stigmatizes and discriminates. Sarkeesian documented the responses she received including rape and death threats, the vandalizing of her Wikipedia page, and one guy even coded a game, the object of which was to beat up a virtual version of Sarkeesian until she was left bruised and bloody.

This, people, is why the world is awful. Thankfully, Sarkeesian also received considerable support, her kickstarter hit its goal many times, over, and she recently appeared on TEDx to give the full rundown. Bissell asks why we enjoy video game violence, a theme newly re-relevant post-Newtown. You should, too. Patricia Hernandez talks Gears of War and the internalization of rape culture in competitive multiplayer.

A kickstarter -funded independent, FTL looks and plays like a fancy German board game.

Brie Larson dazzles at the Women in Film pre-Oscars party | Daily Mail Online

You are the captain of a starship pursued by evil rebel scum. Your fragile ship will be torpedoed, boarded by killer robots, pelted by asteroids, is subjected to internal fires and will occasionally experience explosive decompression. Your few crew members must make repairs, pilot the ship, and basically keep it all together while you order them to trade for parts, explore strange nebulae, and upgrade your ship with meaner lasers and death-dealing drones.

Random star maps and events means your intrepid crew will die in different, horrifying ways every time. Each time we say Kasandra Michelle Perkins, we remember her 4-month old daughter who lost her mom and her dad on December 2, Each time we say her name, we refuse the silence and erasure of domestic violence and intimate partner murder, particularly when the victims are women of color. Each time we say her name we refuse the racism and sexism that obscures the humanity of those lives lost.

We challenge the discomfort that compels silence and erasure. Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair. Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be.

Fit and Feminist tackles a crazy kickstarter campaign and body size:. Recognizing the humanity of one group of people and treating them with respect and dignity does not suddenly mean we have to treat another group of people like shit. Rookie magazine hosts an honest, open, and very multifaceted roundtable on cultural appropriation :.

Men are over. Women have won, men are in decline, and the only reason we women, men, Americans, global citizens, etc. Is a matriarchy doomed to be just as distasteful as a patriarchy? Second, if newly dominant women dislike the world we see, what do we do about it? How can we take this newfound power out for a spin and see what it can do for universal equality and global improvement? If nothing else, how can we avoid turning the men that we love—husbands, sons, partners, brothers, gay boyfriends—into a new underclass? Third, are Rosin and her ilk dead wrong?

Does Rosin selectively order information in such a way as to make her case while not accounting for real and ongoing gender inequality? Further, does she account enough for race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality in her assessment? These and other questions are so important that I was excited to have a conversation with members of Girls Like Giants about the book. Alas, most of our crew were too busy dominating the world to read and respond to the book in a timely manner.

So the weighty task of leading this discussion fell to me—your humble narrator and hopeful guide. Are her uses of individual stories distractingly manipulative or competent ways to humanize the discussion? How about examples from her own biography—honest or smug? And why oh why did she allow a desire to provoke controversy overcrow arguments against such an inflammatory, ultimately lousy title?

I thought that, instead, I would briefly summarize each chapter of the book and then open it up for discussion. After reading the following, what say you? James Bond , masculinity , Skyfall. Any Jason Bourne can engage in stunningly athletic chases and fist fights. But only Bond will use a backhoe to open the roof of a train car, jump in, and…check his cufflinks before continuing the pursuit.

But a focus on characters forces another change, pushing our hero and those who surround him into something like actual humans in this modern world. Skyfall builds on this trend, proving this character-driven Bond is not a fluke. And while Skyfall does interesting things with its women, particularly M, it is in the redefinition of modern masculinity that the reboot makes it greatest contribution.

In blaming affirmative action for that denial letter, you are disregarding your responsibility as a college applicant. Scott Nagakagawa talks race and voting rights over at Race Files:. That naivete was rooted in the unquestioned dominance of whiteness. In fact, so dominant were whites that American was synonymous with Caucasian. But the racial equity movements of my childhood would soon shatter that naivete, pulling whites into a struggle to maintain their cultural dominance that made the contours and vulnerabilities of whiteness visible to whites, perhaps for the first time.

And Slate talks about the conservative response to her video. Firstly, welcome back Tami Taylor! I mean, Connie Britton! You are the best. So we wanted to take a little time to ponder the new series, its leading ladies, and its representation of the South. I am also intrigued by the politics side of things, which appear ridden with mystery and corruption and family drama. I also was intrigued by what seem to be a criticism of youth culture in the music industry and the ways in which female musicians, for example Rayna Connie Britton , are pushed out in favor of autotune and youth.

I also worry, however, about the women in competition with each other aspect but also the show seems to figure that competition as perpetuated by the men of the music industry. Basically, I am excited for more Nashville but also wary of certain aspects of it.

And there are no baby birds in boxes. Chelsea B : Like both of you, I mostly watched because I adore Connie Britton and had my fingers crossed that her Nashville character would just be Tami Taylor in sequins and with a slightly different drawl. I also am bummed that the central storyline revolves around building competition between two female leads.

Leighton Meester could only have improved this show. Here I was, barely conscious of my feeling that this was a female emancipation kind of song, and then this line. I turned off the radio. Proxima Midnight was just like Gamora. Her people were conquered and murdered by Thanos. The only difference, she drank the Kool-Aid. Midnight shows undying loyalty to Thanos and her husband, Corvus Glaive. The genius behind Thanos and his children is that Thanos is so powerful that his followers are actually on par with his enemies.

Because of this, Ebony Maw, Glaive, and Midnight all possess powers that get the best of one or more MCU heroes at one time or another. Midnight and her husband even hold off Scarlet Witch and Vision, arguably the two most powerful Avengers. So much so that it seems strange that Cap and Black Widow are the ones that are able to do them in. But we will.

A ruthless villain, Tatara has no problem leaving his fellow Aogiri members behind. When his anger is met with a cold response, Ayato gets ready to attack. He cares little for his subordinates, even revealing during his argument with Ayato that he sees Aogiri members as nothing more than disposable pawns in his quest for dominance. The extent of his powers is unknown. Tatara came out of that battle completely unscathed and eerily calm, despite fighting the person that caused him so much pain.

The ability to maintain his composure keeps distractions, such as the deaths of others, from clouding his judgment. Raditz cracking a villain list in ?

How is that even possible?! He literally dies five episodes into Dragon Ball Z and is barely ever seen again outside of the games. Imagine that. The beautiful thing about this manga is seeing this evil Saiyan in a totally different light as a loving father as well as a caring brother and uncle. Even with these joyous videos from the Dragon Ball fandom, Raditz will always be remembered as the no-good brother who kidnapped Gohan and nearly killed Goku and Piccolo.

What could be evil about a loving woman setting up an orphanage to take in the misfits of society and children without anywhere else to go? What about if she was actually a child trafficker, selling these kids to fight in wars? Carmel is a master manipulator without a conscience who is only concerned with money. Perhaps her greatest deception was when she stepped in to save four Giant Warrior Pirates from execution. She argued for peace between the races and that they must work together to prevent further wars. Unexpectedly, this convinced the Marines to spare the lives of the Giant Warrior Pirates and let them go.

All of this was a ruse, however; from the start, she had worked with the Marines to release the Giant Warrior Pirates. The Marines wanted her to provide them with more children and, specifically, giants. To Carmel, the orphanage was a business and the children were just a commodity. On the surface, Carmel was kind, loving, and fiercely protective of her children. In reality, she was just protecting her product — happy kids are easier to sell. Setting up and single-handedly running an orphanage while hating kids takes a truly wicked personality. To keep this up for over 50 years, however, shows how truly evil and money-driven Mother Carmel was.

A black market arms dealer who, ironically, loses one of his arms, Ulysses Klaue is one of the few Marvel villains who actually feels like a real person. OK, a deeply disturbed and twisted person, but compared to his peers — a fairly plausible one. While Thanos may have some semi-understandable motivations, his pompous nature and, well — the fact that he looks like a giant purple thumb — make him very much standard supervillain fodder. A demented South African gangster who wears a suit jacket? While he may have made his Marvel debut in the so-so Age of Ultron , thankfully, the role being carved out for Klaue down the line was worth it.

When it comes to badass moments, not only does Mr. OK, he may have lost his arm to Ultron , but still — he came off better than Loki did against Thanos. Sorry, Thor. The Sith Emperor. Vitiate lived for over 1, years and manipulated galactic events behind the scenes like a chess grandmaster. Basically, if it happened during the Old Republic era , Vitiate probably had a hand in it.

He lacked empathy for anyone or anything. Performing a ritual that granted him immortality, Vitiate gathered 8, Sith Lords on his homeworld, drained their life essences, and totally crushed their minds and spirits. Vitiate became an immortal dark side spirit with the ability to possess beings, driven by a hunger for power and his desire to cheat death. If you thought Palpatine was evil for creating an Empire with the sole purpose of ruling the galaxy with an iron fist, then guess again. At least Palpatine wanted someone around to kneel before him.

Vitiate has no such plans for the galaxy. Breaking Bad fans know Gus Fring as the antagonist for much of that series, a villain as charming as he was monstrous. But in , prequel Better Call Saul introduced us to a younger, less powerful, but no less dangerous Gus in Season 3. Who also just happens to be building up a lucrative crystal meth business on the side. Always one step ahead of his enemies, Gus maneuvered and manipulated those around him like pieces on a chess board this season, convincing Mike Ehrmantraut to build a drug lab below a laundromat, and forcing Nacho to do his dastardly bidding.

By suffocating his associate Arturo in front of him. He ends the season ordering the death of innocent structural engineer Werner , a tragic end for a sweet man who made the mistake of crossing Gus Fring. A known Death Eater, he has all the necessary qualities — a haughty, aristocratic manner which looks down on everyone, prejudices that breed contempt, deceitful manipulation for his own gain, and an almost obsessive fascination with dark artefacts. Not to mention his fabulous hair. However, perhaps his worst crime is dragging the rest of his family into serving Voldemort.

Putting Draco in the position where he has to kill Dumbledore and host Voldemort in their family home is just not fatherly. At all.

This does, however, lead to his tenuously redeeming moment, which is abandoning Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts in favor of finding and protecting his own son in the end. Keep trying, Lucius. Hunter Zolomon is a serial killer, a speedster, and a psychopath. But while the plot is a little too similar to the first season, Zoom is at least as, if not more, disturbing than Thawne. After watching his father kill his mother in front of him, Zolomon began a downward spiral that ended with him being arrested on 23 counts of murder and sent to Saint Perez Mental Asylum.

Rather than go hand-to-hand with Zoom, Barry uses his knowledge of the Speed Force to allow the Time Wraiths to capture him, and we watch as he decays while being dragged away. There are plenty of monsters in Supernatural — wendigos, vampires, demons, rogue angels from an apocalypse world. Each has their own powerful abilities and each one poses a danger to the unsuspecting people of the world.

But there is only one Rowena MacLeod. Despite not even appearing on screen until Season 10, the scheming sorceress quickly established herself as a powerful enemy to anybody standing against her. As a natural witch not one who learned magic or gained it through a demonic deal , hated mother of a King of Hell , and an outcast from the Grand Coven , Rowenna has a chip on her shoulder the size of Rhode Island and the power to take out her frustration on the people around her.

Easing her way through immortality with quick cons and mind-bending spells, she is well-known for living a life of luxury at the expense of others. One misadventure began with her murdering corrupt business people only to actually be on a hunt for the reapers that arrived to collect their souls. And it was all a plot to force a meeting with the new Death to bargain for her son back so she can reaffirm her power over Hell.

One thing that you always have to bear in mind about the wicked witch is her one priority in the world: helping herself. No matter the promises she makes or the alliances she forges, Rowenna will double-cross everybody from gods to demons and everything in between to gain an advantage. And she will always do it with style. Taking on the role of the big bad for Season 6 of Arrow , Ricardo Diaz stands out from the usual crowd of villains lining up to take on the Green Arrow.

Diaz just wants to take control of all the crime in Star City. Oh, and also the city itself. No half measures for this guy. Diaz forms his own team of villains to go up against Team Arrow. His machinations fundamentally tear Team Arrow apart, turning them against each other. Sure, Team Arrow manage to pull together long enough to stop him, but the cost is high. Of course, nearly every season someone seems to unmask him only to have it cleverly explained away, but this time it sticks. Team Arrow might have stopped Diaz, but they did not beat him completely. Boba Fett has been a Star Wars fan favorite character for 40 years.

Like Darth Vader before him, you want to know who and what is behind that mask. At least, not anymore. But ever since the Star Wars canon reboot of , Boba has returned to his roots as a menacing but relatively unknowable bounty hunter. Although Boba is not, as many fans believed, a Mandalorian himself, the titular character of The Mandalorian is said to be following in the footsteps of Boba.

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This will be sure to fuel even more Boba Fett stories. The Vampire Diaries has a knack for bringing in big bads that fans love to hate. Before becoming an immortal , he was a powerful witch. As an immortal, Silas created powerful illusions, once even tricking Klaus , the Original Hybrid , into believing he was dying. Some may not realize the impact that Silas has on the show.

Silas has committed countless villainous acts, but his most heinous is when, after revealing he is the progenitor of the Salvatore bloodline, he shows Stefan his true form. He looks exactly like Stefan, making it impossible to tell them apart. With absolutely no remorse, Silas stabs Stefan, stuffs him into a safe, and tosses it into a quarry.

Silas then proceeds to masquerade as Stefan for three months, fooling everyone closest to him, even his own brother. Silas has long been six feet under, but with a new spin-off series of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals currently airing, interest in the villain and how he shaped The Vampire Diaries universe is greater than ever. Even though Silas, the man inadvertently responsible for her creation, is dead, his legacy will loom over her and every vampire during their darkest moments. Think back to when you began Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , all of those hundreds of hours ago, and learned your very first shout at Bleak Falls Barrow.

Do you remember that rush of power, the effects overwhelming your senses as you learned Fus Ro Dah? It felt incredibly unique to assume the role of the Dragonborn , or the Dovahkiin. Miraak is a true master of dragons, able to absorb souls just like the Dragonborn, as well as bend them to his will. If you needed any more proof of what Miraak is capable of, the enthralled masses of Solstheim and their creepy chanting definitely help.

Miraak is similarly designed, with a Cthulhu-esque mask, a stamina-draining tentacle sword, and a staff which, you guessed it, summons tentacles. No matter your play style, he has a variety of shouts, an ever-extending life bar, and both long and short range weapons. And fighting a tentacle-wielding dragon-shouting ancient being in VR is definitely a memorable moment. Tywin Lannister was the richest and most powerful man in Westeros.

As the patriarch of the Lannister family, he used his calculated conniving to carve a path to the Iron Throne for his family. Though he never sat on the throne, his sheer influence and power effectively made him King. He was known for his unstaggering willpower and commitment to family, for better or worse. However, in the series, viewers receive a more well-rounded portrayal of Game of Thrones most ruthless villain. As such, Tywin openly hated Tyrion. After Tyrion came to the realization that Tywin killed the only woman he ever loved, Shea, he was pushed over the edge. This moment sees Tywin stripped of his class, dignity, armor, and entourage.

Tyrion takes this opportunity to kill his father, finding closure after a lifetime of verbal abuse. I liked it. Walt does some pretty sinister stuff during the series, including poisoning a 6-year-old and killing Mike Ehrmantraut. But his most evil on-screen moment comes in the place we least want it to… his relationship with Jesse. But the cherry on top is the call back to Season 3 when Walt finally admits to Jesse that he watched Jane overdose and choke on her own vomit — and, of course, did nothing about it. On paper, Better Call Saul is a bit of a bizarre proposition.

Mike Ehrmantraut. Much like Jimmy, Better Call Saul has given fans a reason to care for Mike, sending viewers on an emotionally charged journey with him that sees Mike slowly transition from bereaved father to ruthless cartel enforcer. Despite being faced with difficult choices, he always seems to have enough empathy and a healthy enough bank balance to walk away.

Once freed, he immediately resumes his evil plans, only to be beaten by our heroes, Finn and Jake. The Lich is a truly terrifying opponent that even Finn fears to an extent, and very little actually scares Finn.

Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series) Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)
Government Corruption: Danvers Damsels - 17 (The Danvers Damsels Mystery Series)

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